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    I'm planning to unsubscribe! Oh, lawdy.

    Actually, I'll probably have to sit on the subscription for one or two months at the beginning of MoP due to annual pass, but whatevs, don't really regret the money I spent on it, D3 will be great, WoW is just moving in a direction and towards an audience I have nothing in common with.

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    get over 175 mounts and save up 500k+ going into the expansion!

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    9,000 Achievement Points.

    I'm not big on Achievements, although I do a few occasional ones. I wish to have the 9,000 before Mists of Pandaria. I also want my Raiding Meta Drakes.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Gladiator on 4 dks.
    2400 EXP Multi-Boxer On Tichondrius Alliance/Horde

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    Not achievement related but just getting BiS gear would suffice.

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    I need to figure out if my druid or my warlock should be my main and my first character i level to 90.

    Really hard choice tbh

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    Full PvE achievements
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    Warlord achievement so I can transfer it to my other characters when MoP is out

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    10 lvl 85s working on my 7th atm then get transmog sets for each char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viktor11 View Post
    Working on finishing Insane at the moment and Loremaster...yes I am THAT stupid...
    I'm right there with you. I'm honored with Darkmoon (I'm a slacker), revered with ravenholdt and 3 of the goblins (2 of which are at 19.6/21000), and done with the rest. Loremaster on the other hand, I have some work to do. Most of Kalimdor and 1/3 of EK.

    Also working towards the dungeon mount metas from wrath an cata (again, I'm a slacker).

    I'm also going to finish leveling my warrior, rogue, and Mage to 85 and get my BoAs/bags/etc. for my monk and shammy. Also attempting to break 100kg (not overly difficult, I know). I'm around 65-70k right now.
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    - Get the Argent Tournament mounts that I'm still missing.

    - Finish the T11 meta achievement.

    - Pick up the non-meta Uld25 achievements that I'm missing.

    - Maybe get The Insane? The Ravenholdt grind scares me.

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    I'd like to complete Accomplished Angler, didn't win the derby yet (screw the STV event) and I wan't that ring for leveling my monk
    also I'm like 18000/21000 with Hydraxian Waterlords so I could finally wrap it up and gain my 50th exalted reputation

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    Not much, if anything really. I want 50 exalted, which I'll have by Noblegarden and 150 pets, which I'll get during the Darkmoon Faire in June. Both will be done before MoP, highly unlikely that they won't, and there's nothing else on my accomplishment list, got my 10th 85 a few days ago, so I'm just waiting around.

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    Just started 2 new characters workin on gettin 85 on them with full Mog sets as one will be my new main most likely. So lots of BWD/Bot and plenty of 10Ulduar

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    Gold Farming, I'd like to hit 100k before expansion. Also, get some mounts I've been wanting on my newly made main, that my other "old" mains have such as chopper/sandstorm drake, etc. Achievement hunt.

    Hopefully build up a PvE set and get to see t11 and t12 content. (Im a big pvper) maybe make 4th character to get to 85. If I complete all this way before MoP ill probably cancel sub for a month or two.

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    Get my pally geared up for healing and DPS, and get my mage and DK geared up. My guild still regularly raids DS so I have time =)

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    Trying to get my last 2 classes to 85 and decked out in their respective planned transmog set. My Druid is 74 as of last night, and my Priest is 60, so definitely doable in a few more weeks. My existing 8 85's all have their full transmog sets, so it's just those last two to finish.

    Other than that, not much. I'll probably scale back my play time a lot, finally play Skyrim now that the toolkit is released and I can tweak it a bit (Half my fun in Oblivion was tweaking the game ) and of course D3 when it comes out.

    That when, I'll be pretty eager to play come MoP, versus being kinda meh and burned out with the game.

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    Finish My Legendary staff 14/250 Essences.
    Finish Loremaster I have roughly 1/2 of kalimdor and 95% of Eastern Kingdoms remaining

    Continue Daily grind of:
    Setthek Halls
    Shat Fishing Daily (Need one more pet from it)
    Argent Daily tournament (Need roughly 50~ more days to get all of the Alliance mounts, pets and tabards)
    Trial of Crusader (yay for extra champion seals)
    Polar bear mount daily

    Weekly runs of:
    Molten Core (55% into revered) [ Just finished thunderfury last night! ]
    Tempest Keep (Give mount please ;_; )
    Fiery Warhorse/Malygos/Onyxia/VOA for mounts

    Once I finish Loremaster its on to rep grinds. I've set it up so pretty much any rep i want to go get I can just grind.. Most of the weekly one instance ones have been completed cept for Molten Core.. Thats still going to take 6-8 weeks of boss clears lol.

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    Re-doing the loremaster zone by zone... >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    Re-doing the loremaster zone by zone... >_<
    Forgot about that. I had Loremaster back in Wrath, so had to redo the individual zones again in Cata. I've finished Eastern Kingdoms, but only just started Kalimdor.

    I have over 100 mounts, so I'm kinda meh grinding out more.
    I have 55 exalted reps, so I'm kinda meh grinding out more. (And since I refuse to do Bloodsail, I will never get The Insane, so meh)
    I'll be doing weekly MC runs to try to get Baron to drop his binding, the last piece to complete Thunderfury. I finished exalted last week, actually, which is a lot of runs. Maybe I'll have it by MoP, maybe I'll have it in the expac after MoP.

    So yep, finish off Kalimdor for the individual Loremaster achievements, get my last 2 classes to 80 with their full transmog sets, then kind of idle for a bit.

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