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    Quote Originally Posted by Malacrass View Post
    There is a really high chance that I'm blind/retarded, but which slot is that?

    For example this PVP set has the prayer beads around the neck that I want:


    But I can't point at the slot which grants them? At least not through the model viewer.
    It's the chest slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommi View Post
    It's the chest slot.
    So I have to check ingame which chest slots apply prayer beads. How annoying!

    But thanks!

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    They got rid of the elbow spikes??? What the actual hell!

    It's not game-breaking, it's not something to harass them over, but I do wish I understood them better sometimes.

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    Here's the look I've got for my alliance monk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhand79 View Post
    Here's the look I've got for my alliance monk.
    That's really well done, Simple, but looks rich.

    This is my newly race changed Dark Iron Dwarf Monk, really loving the race.

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    Just wanting to show an update to my current mog.
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    As a general rule of thumb I tend to shoot for no/small shoulders no helmet, generally a lot more "light/aerodynamic" look than my rogue who tends to favor big and scary looking. I'll have to nab some actual screenshots later.

    So many of my transmogs are under-appreciated sets that would look too plain on my rogue but wind up fitting well on the monk with a few adjustments.

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    I know Full tier sets get a lot of hate, but I really loved this set and finally completed it (was missing the belt since Legion) and after 9 weeks in a row of Mythic Antorus...

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    See, the hat was on sale, and it made me dumb, and...........

    I thought that was a nice variant on the Green Tiger set (note the Mythic Nighthold shoulders, gloves, and belt).

    I was so excited to finish this at last!!!

    Also fun with the Chromatically Tempered Sword, if you feel like giving people a blast from the past.

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    I have more Monk based transmogs for my monk but at the moment she's being an Inquisitor of the Order of Embers so she looks like this.

    When I am not at work I'll load better not armoury pictures.

    Gonna just edit this to include my actual Monk transmog rather than just adding a whole new post which seems excessive.

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    This is my current one:

    there is also an enchant transmog that make the gloves pulse with lightning, but it doesn't show on the armory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siphonfilter20 View Post

    I keep trying to change my style, but I always come back to this transmog
    You got a list for that transmog?
    Thinking about lvling my monk and could use some inspiration^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Mithrilina
    Do we girls get an E.B.O.O.B.S. (Equipment-Based OverpOwered Best-in-Slot) number?

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    These are the two I've been working with the most lately. "Blue Oni" still isn't complete, but Fallen Avatar refuses to drop the mythic boots I need to finish it.

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    Back again with a new windwalker set and updated my brewmaster set.

    Allies Race Wishlist: ALLIANCE: Night Fae Faun HORDE: Venthyr
    New Class Wishlist: Blademaster/Samurai, Tinker, Necromancer, Bard

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    Nice mogs! As soon as I am able, I will post my mog as well!

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    I think I've finally completed my Monk's transmog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melyssa48 View Post
    I'm thankful to be out of the tier of Rocks tied together with rope.
    You are completely out of tiers all together

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    My Mistweaver mog, a mix and match of different tiers and pvp sets, the only thing that I'm looking to replace is the headpiece, but it works.

    Head is from the normal/heroic Siege Monk set
    Hands and shoulders from PVP Hellfire citadel lookalike
    Chest is a filler piece till I can turn it off in 8.2
    The kilt is from ordos, sadly no other off set item available.
    Belt drops from Dark shaman in Sieg of Orgrimmar normal/heroic and Ordos
    The Weapon is Xu'tenash, the Polearm from mythic Mannoroth in Hellfire Citadel

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