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    My monk, Brewtul, on Lothar US

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonde View Post
    Dat sword.

    Where do you get it, Malygos amirite?
    Malygos, after 3 ID's , 2 ID i got the Mount , 4 ID i got the Polearm Black Ice

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    It's a simple transmog but I really like it . This is my windwalker transmog by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wispur View Post
    My monk, Brewtul, on Lothar US

    This is the 1st non-Pandaren Horde monk that I think looks really good. The outfit works really well for an Orc. You might look at Cranedancer's Staff since blue would match better than the red one you have.

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    This is mine, can't post links yet sorry

    Still trying to find a better matching weapon and cloak, could use some suggestions on this.
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    Pants do not fit 100% , I don't mind really.
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    This is well known Shado Pan Transmo but I got Good weapon on it :P This is for my WW spec

    And this is My Mistweaver spec !


    this is 3d view for a better glimpse :P I think Thread opener will like this one, though i'm missing Belt, havent found perfect one yet


    Sorry I dont have pic with me !
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    Need Help from expert transmoggers !

    Hi I have just bought Sword of Wizardry (http://www.wowhead.com/item=31336/blade-of-wizardry)very cheap (7k), as the some changes have been made in with lots of Main-hand weapons (making them one-handed), I was lucky to find this sword was one among them !

    So now I'm wearing Assassination Armor on my undead female Monk and I look exactly same like female undead NPC in Jade Forest !

    Now I'm looking forward to make a new tramog set which would be like red/flame-ish awsome looking set ! I know monks lack variety of colors and gears but still if someone of you know a good matching for those two babes I'd only be grateful!

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    Merged with the Monk Transmog Thread, since it's covered things like this in the past.

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    Bit of a request here for anyone who is bored, seen one before or maybe has one themselves.

    Looking for any transmog ideas that utilize pieces of Dreamwalker (mainly the shoulders) without looking terrible. I've tried making some myself as I plan on buying the shoulders, but if no combinations can be found that don't look terrible I won't bother. I know taste in transmog is subjective, but hopefully someone knows where I am coming from.
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    It felt like it was time for a change, so my first Transmog for 5.2 is built around the Tier 15 chest piece.

    It is obviously not a 'complete' set but I'm quite happy with it, it's refreshing to look at something new and I'm looking forward to improving it with other Tier 15 pieces.

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    I dont feel ilidans helm fits male pandarean

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    There is currently no such thing as a good monk transmog.

    You either look like a warrior, rogue, ninja or assassin. Not like a MONK.

    Tier set isn't even good.

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    And you're in this thread because...?

    Obviously the people posting mogs and talking about how much they enjoy them disagree with you. Your opinion isn't the most relevant here.

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    As Keakee said, most people would disagree with you Eldrad. I actually really like the Monk tier sets and feel that they are Monk-like. Also I doubt you've looked through every page of this thread as a lot of the sets look extremely like a Monk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wispur View Post
    My monk, Brewtul, on Lothar US
    Nice Transmog

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    I have been building tranmog for my rogue and my monk. Here is what i came up:

    Have not yet thought about weapons, but I am pretty sure there are icy/cold looking weapons to fit to my Set, especially in BTC dungeons. And... need to find new chest for monk set, as it is Rogue class chest
    Please say your opinion about the this transmog set

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    It's a shame so many people transmog their monk to look like a rogue

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