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  • William Hartnell (First Doctor)

    1 0.81%
  • Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor)

    1 0.81%
  • Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor)

    2 1.61%
  • Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)

    13 10.48%
  • Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)

    1 0.81%
  • Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor)

    0 0%
  • Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor)

    0 0%
  • Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor)

    0 0%
  • Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor)

    12 9.68%
  • David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)

    74 59.68%
  • Matt Smith (Current Doctor)

    20 16.13%
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    This poll is flawed. I doubt many of the people on this forum have ever seen the originals. The new doctors are good, but none of them compare to Pertwee, not even close. Any person who has ever seen all the Dr who's would just laugh at some one saying David tenant is better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maztech View Post
    This poll is flawed.
    The fact that people haven't seen the originals doesn't make the poll flawed... It'd be flawed if the question was "Whose the best Doctor?" and then he only included the last three...

    And even if everyone that has voted in this poll had seen the originals, I'd still bet money that Jon Pertwee wouldn't be the winner.

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    Dr. House! Duuuh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandruid View Post
    Also, Face of Bo sub story was brilliant.
    Oh yeah absolutely. I loved that storyline.
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    Where is the "All of the above" option?
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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    I've only seen the 2005 DW, but out of those three, David Tennant, easily. The second one would be Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith the third.

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    tom baker for his voice, curls and well ... scarf

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    But..There is no best Doctor.
    He is, technically, the same man.
    You love one, you love them all. You hate one, you hate them all.
    Because its the same man.
    The only thing that ever changes is the outer personality, and quirks. You can prefer those.
    You could prefer Eleven's childishness over Ten's seriousness.
    You could prefer Nine's accent over Eight's.
    You could prefer Five's celery-wearing over Four's scarfwearing.

    But none of the Doctors are the best. Because in the end it all boils down to one thing - same man, different face.
    Heck, compare the Doctors. You'll see I'm right - the way Eleven acts and says things directly mirrors how Ten acted.
    I mean, this is my opinion, but it's ridiculous to have a specific favourite.

    If I had to choose one that I prefer specifically, then it would be Eleven. Not because he's my favourite - I love all the Doctors and the way they're portrayed. But because I think Matt really captures the essence of a nine-hundred or so year old man. Aside from that, though, I recognise everything old and new in him. The way Matt acts out Eleven reflects both the old qualities of previous Doctors, and new, personal qualities. So like all of the Doctors before, he's all of the previous, rolled into one, with a few bits added.

    And if anyone says Eleven is too childish, think about it for a moment.
    If he didn't act all happy and try to have fun all the time - he'd probably kill himself.
    Seriously. Think about everything and everyone he's lost.
    Granted, killing himself isnt the way the Doctor does things. If he got to the point where he'd just like to die, as some sort of release, then he would simply continue on as normal, and if ever he should find himself injured and about to regenerate, he'd just stop. He'd refuse the regeneration, and just die.

    I'm getting off my point now.

    tl;dr I don't have a favourite Doctor. I love them all equally.
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    I've seen more of the new three than of the others, but that's not to say I am completely unaware of the Doctor's previous incarnations. When it all boils down Tennant is my choice because of the childish madman that he somehow managed to always display. My next favorite is Eccleston because I felt he played a very grouchy Doctor, while still managing a beautiful relationship with his companion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    There we go! David Tennant appreciation thread commence!
    this. EVERYONE likes Tennant the best (except old people who watched the originals...and weirdos).

    Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston were/are both great doctors, but come on...Tennant hands down.

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    Like most I started with the new series (9th doctor). So it really comes down to the three that I've seen. My vote goes for David Tenant all the way.

    Christopher Eccleston was rightfully replaced as soon as he was because after seeing what could be done with the role by his replacements I find that he really just didn't fit the role at all. Tenant was a perfect fit for the role. He just made the character come to life with seemly little effort. It was hard to see him leave the show and they were certainly big shoes to fill but I think Matt Smith is doing a wonderful job.

    I had a hard time adjusting like I'm sure most people did after getting so attached to Tenant in the role of the Doctor but I also feel that he's brought his own flavor to the role and has nailed the transition as well as anyone could have hoped for. When the Doctor regenerates he becomes someone different. He still has all the same core values and that awkward nerd to him but he's not the same person. I think Smith handled this transition perfectly and made the role his own. Tenant will always be my favorite but I'm glad they found such a good replacement for him.

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    David Tenant, but there was some one special with Rowan Atkinson(mr.bean) 1970s episode that was best brb searching on youtube
    theyr not brests theyr dalek buttons

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    Would have to be a tie between David Tennant and Matt Smith.

    Both are amazing doctors and their personalites and quirks are different yet similar in some ways.
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    Now, I've watched just about all the post-harnell Who that is out there to see (missing episodes being a major pain for the 1st and 2nd Doctors primarily) and I'd have to say my personal 'favourite' Doctor is probably David Tennant's.

    The reason for this, I think is that when the show was rebooted in Eccleston the Doctor felt more like a fully 4 dimensional character if you... pardon... the... anyway, the older Doctors certainly had traits but I found no so much of a full character, like they were more of a vehicle to take us to the adventure and then solve it. I think the relationships the Doctor has with the regular supporting cast (companions, even relations to the companions in some cases) are so much more these days, or feel so much more fleshed out than in my opinion they used to, which is a major plus.

    But that only narrows it down to 3 Doctors so why Tennant? Well he held the role longest which gave him the longest time to make an impression and I feel he found a balance that I think is pretty necessary for the role between zaniness and a sort of anger and seriousness that is sometimes called for, where I think Eccelston was at least 80% just seriousness and I almost feel (although perhaps this is just the recent Christmas special fresh(er) in my mind) Matt Smith has gone a little too far into zany territory.

    Another mark against Smith and this is totally my bias is that he is currently blighted by River Song who I personally feel is the worst thing to happen to Doctor Who in a while, I just feel any time she shows her face, even if it's just for a short cameo like the one at the end of Closing Time she tries to make the show all about her (of course I mean only the character, I certainly don't want anyone thinking I have anything against any of the actors or actresses who appear in Doctor Who).

    I will say I like them all though and enjoy the show (on the whole) immensely.
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    Baker, Pertwee and Smith in that order.

    Tennant was great but Smith *really* has the oldschool Doctor vibe that I have grown up loving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    Who's the best doctor?

    I feel the presence of Albert and Costello in this thread.

    Out of the new series, I prefer Tennant to Smith and Ecclestone. Although I did love Ecclestone's retort when Rose asked him if he was from the North: "Other planets have a North too you know".

    Out of the old series, I prefer John Pertwee and Tom Baker.
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    I'd have to say 'yes' is the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    Who's the best doctor?

    You win the internet

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    New Dr. Who - David Tennant.
    Old Dr. Who - Tom Baker.

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