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    Intro on the three factions in secret world

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    Had some fun tonight in Planetside 2, just decided to hotdrop a few hundred players from our outfits alliance onto a Biolab the NC were basically about to capture.

    Was quite fun until half of the people in the area crashed.

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    Top 5 Dungeon/Stage Themes

    Hi everyone,

    I recently started my youtube channel and after some expirimenting i've found the style i wanted for my videos. After my first attempt in the form of a Top 5 video last week i decided to give it another go and improve it where i could, mostly by adding a bit of a sideshow around the main attraction that is the top 5. Nothing too flashy, just me arguing with a figment of my imagination. It was a lot of fun to create that's for sure and it was done significantly faster than my first video, which is great, because i'm working on something bigger and better alongside it. Anyways here's my Top 5 Dungeon/Stage Themes, i hope you enjoy ^^

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    Hay Guys, i have Finished my Diablo 3 play through and Finally finished uploading the files, The playlist below

    Thank you for watching and as a Reward i am giving away some items i have gathered through out my game The playlist below contains the items free for all, leave me a reply or add me in Diablo, my tag is in the description as well

    Many thanks like subscribe comment as you see fit

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    I like chickens. Don't you dare judge me!
    2 words... DUBSTEP FENCE!

    4 words.. DUBSTEP FENCE with Colors!

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    Had some fun playing Borderlands 2 while checking out the Mechromancer class!

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    Live streaming right now! Starcraft II, custom FFAs and some 1v1s! Rather new to the game, but I'm learning quickly!

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    Taking an in-depth look at the current closed beta version of "Don't Starve". Plus giving away a a copy.

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    planetside 2 gameplay scythe compilation

    feel free to leave any feedback

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    Hi everyone!

    It seems Link has a part time job as Life Coach. non-spoiler alert: what works in the Legend of Zelda universe may not neccesarily work in the real world, who knew?! Here it is, enjoy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    So, todays offer is xp boost. Anyone know how they work? I heard something that you can equip it while you play and then remove it when you log out and put it on again to save it. However on forum it seems like you add it once and it's there... so if you buy a 7-days one like in todays offer it will be added and stay there until one week is gone?
    Hope someone can help, I dont play like a maniac every week... so being able to take the boost off and save remaining time would be great
    You buy it and equip it to your character, and you get a 50% exp boost for 7 days. If you unequip it you lose it, Sony isn't playing that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paymon View Post
    Hey everyone :P I play on Matherson TR and wanted to share this with y'all. I am a member of the Enclave and this is a small sneak peak into what its like playing with us ^.^

    Hope you guys enjoy, any likes/subs are appreciated.

    +1's also help our clan get some publicity.
    Hey ,what do you know, someone else from TE.


    This song will get in your bones:

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    Episode 2 of the series.

    Closest shot ever.

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    My cousin made this a month back, its pretty much amazing, and needs some attention =(
    "From the first to the end of the Sixth Generation of consoles, for THIRTY FOUR YEARS, this is what gaming was and it was FANTASTIC! You enjoyed the experience and gaming was what it was supposed to be FUN, COMPLETE, no DLC back then the new content was called a sequel and we waited eagerly for it."

    -Muzz (L1GAMES)

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    Chivalry Medieval War Part

    Part 2

    Sims 3

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    my channels @

    i play games and do game related stuff! come and join me in my adventurer in gaming!

    please rate and comment on what you think of the videos!
    any and all advice helps

    me and my anger for tribes ascend a game i love and hate all in one!

    warframe beta basics

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    im trap in this bullshit this routine of life. they build us all up just to tear us all down.
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    hmmm...I got in trouble for promoting my youtube channel, yet here is a page full of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyBoi3 View Post
    hmmm...I got in trouble for promoting my youtube channel, yet here is a page full of them.
    There is a difference from promoting your videos (Gamer Video Reviews) and your channel directly which could be seen as an AD. Do you post you're videos in this thread?

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    Guess I could promote my stream aswell, I've been at it for a while. It's almost only Starcraft II though, I play Terran in platinum Division 1v1. Tonight I'm however hoping over to HotS and I'm playing 2v2 in a bit. Oh and I have a webcam if you wonder what I look like.
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    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    Streaming Dungeonland

    No webcam, talking actively, will answer questions when can. Currently playing arcane kingdom (campaign or some nonsense)

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