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    High rated enhance pvp:

    Multi-Glad 2700+ enhance shaman
    Enhance shaman PvP Guide:

    DEAL WITH IT - Check out my Youtube

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    If you're a fan of the walking dead tv series. You'll want to check this one out. I have walking dead best moments 1-5 the game. The moments I personally thought were the most compelling and interesting.

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    So, this was originally going to be a Tera Online pvp montage but we never got any great footage for it but I found these gems. It is pretty damn random but I find it to be hilarious, enjoy.

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    My livestream on or

    Streaming from Monday to Friday. Currently playing "Tera".

    Going live in a few minutes!

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    Here's the latest episode of The Silent Protagonist: Golden Sun! Now with more Sepia tone

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    Streaming "Tera" on

    Going live in a couple of minutes.

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    The Walking Dead Episode One
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    My new gaming channel!


    I love making videos and i started up not long ago. My channel will contain gaming videos and maybe other stuff too!

    Don't follow link if you know already you won't like it, please!

    I'm not out after a huge amount of subscribers, just a few. I love making videos and that is why i do them, but it's always funnier when people watches it. If you don't enjoy it, click down the tab! Thanks!

    Hope you want to join me on this journey!

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    The Walking Dead Episode Two

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    People... new videos on ZeroGamingCenter youtube channel

    If you guys like the videos and our channel .. please like, comment and subscribe.

    Best regards,

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    Hey everyone
    Here's the third episode of The Silent Protagonist: Golden Sun, with extra tree people. Aiming to do one of these every monday and thursday.

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    The Walking Dead Episode 3

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    Stream will be up in a few minutes... Playing Tera on

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    This is part 20 of our series of Vindictus videos. Where a friend and I are leveling up Vellas together and this is our run of the perilous ruins gauntlet.

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    The Walking Dead Episode Four

    Fable 3

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    bottom of the bottle

    {Crikk plays}

    I start a new world on dont starve!
    im trap in this bullshit this routine of life. they build us all up just to tear us all down.
    "its like my tongue on LSD"

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    MLG Pr0 Star Wars Battlefront II Montage (Parody/Pisstake)

    Hey there!

    I'm an ex-lets-player who used to make Minecraft playthroughs, as most seem to these days. I've recently started making videos again with the aim of being a lot more general with new and different games, different styles of video, and a much higher level of editing.

    The following is a piss-take montage I made to make fun of all of those 'mad pro' CoD player montages:


    Tell me if you enjoyed it or not, would love to hear some thoughts on it Remember, it's a parody montage, purely meant to poke fun at the serious ones :L

    The music, however, is awesome! If you want to get the track yourself, it's called 'Binary Suns' by Coyote Kisses and is available for free from their soundcloud.

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    Hey people... new video on our channel...Go watch, comment and subscribe, the GIVEAWAYS will start soon

    Best regards,
    Zero Gaming Center.

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