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    My first video up on TGN via TGN Stategy. Am quite happy to be a director there and thought you guys might enjoy some news.
    The Youtubes
    FS7 Gaming
    Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2 all great games played by a not so great gamer..

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    WoW PvP - Fire Mage PvP! + AB 4.3!

    WoW PvP - Fire Mage PvP! + AB 4.3!

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    Always love being farmed for points!
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
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    Just got DayZ during the steam sale. Here are our first videos!
    Be nice please

    Honestly you might enjoy parts 2 and three a bit more than 1. But feel free to comment
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    General Video Game STREAMING!

    Post any general video game streams here, if you'd like to share them!

    1. Do not beg for likes, follows, etc!

    2. Don't trash anyone else's streams!

    3. No stream contests, etc!

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    My stream - Instinctive TV
    Content of my stream:
    -HD gameplay stream
    -HD webcam of my sexy beard
    -World of warcraft rogue arena PvP footage
    -Guild Wars 2 tournament PvP (in the future)
    -Give aways !

    You could also find me at my youtube page: Instinctive World (currently inactive as of the summer holiday)

    Best regards
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    Check out InstinctiveWorld ! Rogue PvP footage, live streams and other game related videos!

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    Yay! I made a difference in the MMO-Champion community!

    Elderberries Gaming

    Still working kinks out and such like lag issues...suggestions and comments are welcome via PMs.

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    To take it to next level of branding and advertising some companies have come up with the idea of buy you tube views. But the problem of how to buy YouTube views suppressed their idea. Today, this is not a problem. Thanks to the online companies that have come up with solutions to the question. On their websites you can get YouTube views, comments, likes, favorites and real subscribers.

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    WoW Secret Places: Singing Dragons

    WoW Secret Places: Singing Dragons

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    A WoW animation me and some friends put together. Hope you enjoy, and comments are always appreciated.

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    Awesomenauts (PC) Preview plus giving away 30x BETA KEYS for those interested!

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    Moar DayZ commentary.

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    The MDRnation's first ever attempt at a let's play. Sorry for the poor editing and we hope you enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archeraz View Post
    Hey guys! thought I'd post some of my Assassin's Creed multiplayer videos here since i appearantly broke like 7 rules by posting them on my own thread (sry about that Demon) well anyways here are the first two videos in my two series of ACR videos, so if u like watching ACR gameplay take a look at it!

    This first one is from the series "Beyond the Shadows" where I'm playing the team modes of ACR with a friend, and in this particular game we're playing manhunt and getting a cumulative score above 27k

    This other video is from "The End Begins" where I am playing the different modes alone. In this video I'm playing Deathmatch and getting a hackstreak

    Hope you enjoy!
    interesting... like I may want to play assasins creed...

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    just my first Algalon solo kill with music:

    My old solo stuff can be seen on Twitch and Youtube

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    Finally got my rogues daggers[COLOR="red"]

    ---------- Post added 2012-08-02 at 08:05 AM ----------

    Lets test the DPS
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    My TwitchTV channel

    PC gamer from EU, playing MMORPG and RPG games. Streaming from Monday to Friday (sometimes weekends too).
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    The MDRnation's next video of Dead Island! We hope you enjoy! It's only our part two and our first ever let's play so excuse the appalling editing!

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