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    I just started streaming on twitch,. My goal is to stream as many different games as possible, instead of just focus on one game or for that matter only the popular stuff.. Atm im trying to go through bioshock and also playing some GTA: Vice city when i feel like it.. Atm i only got a microphone, but i plan on getting a webcam later on. I'm always ready to chat with my viewers to feel free to use the chat and ask questions to keep the stream alive and not so quiet :P

    If it sounds interesting to you, come check me out and say hello:
    Also see the description on my twitch page for more information about furture plans and games i played and will be playing

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    YouTube @ ReSpawnTimer

    This is ReSpawnTimer's latest review - (Prototype 2).

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    Part three of the MDRnation's Dead Island series! We hope you enjoy!

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    Hey all! Stream is live! Swing on by and check it out, feedback is always appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!

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    The latest episode of my Let's Play of Super Mario World (100%) that I did:

    Full playlist here:

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    So I had this silly idea after watching way to much Action RPGs, the gameplay just never really kept my interest. So I thought hey why not tell the story from the point of view of the character in the story instead of just posting gameplay with commentary. And so this was born.

    Its still a WIP but i think this video gives a very good understanding of the point of the video. Also if you want to see the first of the ones I did its not going to post it as a video as i don't want to clutter to much.
    The Youtubes
    FS7 Gaming
    Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2 all great games played by a not so great gamer..

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    Welcome to Saphyron's Streams.
    I am a average player trying out fun ways of playing games.
    I stream eve online, wow and other games.

    My 2 current shows:

    Fade raid runs.
    Bounty on my ship.

    Currently streaming Bounty on my ship tonight where I put lucrative modules on my ship and gives a ISK bounty to the killer.

    Check it out or join ingame.
    Active Wow Player | Inactive D3 Player | Active EVE Player | Inactive Wot Player | Retired Openraid Raid Leader| Inactive Overwatch Player | Youtube / Twitter

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    Next installment of Let's Play Super Mario World. Almost done with the project now. Man it's gone by fast.

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    Another fun filled scantily clad adventure brought to you by the MDRnation. Every tuesday and thursday!

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    WoW PvP: Bringing Back World PvP II

    WoW PvP: Bringing Back World PvP II

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    Has anyone seen this game? Apparently it was created entirely by one man. Everything except the sounds.

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    Episode 10 of Super Mario World, clearing the Valley of Bowser with surprisingly few issues.

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    WoW PvP - Fire Mage PvP! + AB & EOTS 4.3!

    WoW PvP - Fire Mage PvP! + AB & EOTS 4.3!

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    Top US 40 wow guild
    Hunter POV
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    Check one of my best games in LoL Check my channel for more; ) Enjoy!

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    Central Queensland

    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids
    Twitchy: My Twitch

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    Mists of Pandaria Beta PvP, monk PoV -

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    Hey guys, Nara from TheGamersLobbyUK here. Just wanted to let you know that the next installment of our Borderlands 1 Lets Play just got released. We started up this series in preparation for Borderlands 2. It features Hilarious commentary from 2-4 people depending on the video, with me and a few friends and subscribers of my YouTube channel (TheGamersLobbyUK). Were almost done with the project now and are about ready to start up with some new content soon but for now you can check it out below. If you enjoyed please do let me know in the comments box and dont hesitate to share it with your friends, It is really is appreciated and every time you do you earn a virtual cookie!

    Many Thanks

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    RaiderZ - New F2P MMO Coverage

    Over the next couple days I'll be posting some HD videos of the RaiderZ beta on my Youtube channel.

    Here's the first (Character Creation) video -

    And the playlist if you're interested:

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