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    Decided to make a WoW machinima video of Batman Begins.

    It was a lot of fun to make, i hope you all enjoy it!

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    Howdy folks, Romire here

    Here are some latest videos from me, please do check em out!

    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids
    Twitchy: My Twitch

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    I like chickens. Don't you dare judge me!

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Archer Montage

    Hello to all the people out there! This is my first montage ever and I hope it's good, it may be a little too much effects, but I thought it was pretty good, tell me what you think of it! Anyway, thanks for watching and enjoy the video!

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    I've been fooling around with let's plays myself, and I'd be honoured if you would take a look at them.

    I'm playing what I call GRAH!, that is Games Run Absurdly Hard-mode. Normal games given that extra edge. So far I'm attacking Plants vs Zombies without Sunflowers (been told that's boring), Amnesia: The Dark Descent without tinderboxes, and Skyrim played on Master with some tough mods and no companions (unless they are quest-related, of course).

    Sorry about the rather lacking quality in this first Amnesia one. Something went wrong, it seems.

    And SKYRIM! Everybody loves Skyrim.

    PvZ is not here because of the aforementioned boredness. It shouldn't be too hard to find anyway if you want to.

    Constructive critisism is appreciated! ^_^
    Dumbledore dies.

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    I play some Planetside 2 with a large outfit in an air defence role. Been wanting to do a video like this for a while, it's a whole lot of fun!

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    Currently streaming Max Payne 3 story. 3 chapters in right now.

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    [VIDEO] 14 upcoming Sandbox MMO's 2013 and beyond

    Hello friends
    I recently made a bit of an overview video, of sandbox MMO's we have to look forward too in 2013 and beyond.
    There's 14 games in this video, and a bit of info on all of them, voice commentary.
    It's been very well received thus far so I thought some of you might find it interesting as well

    Let me know what you think, and if you have info on any games I missed, please let me know so that I may cover it in the next video.

    - Zzar

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    DayZ tactical gameplay and action with numerous kills!

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    Thumbs up Faster than light,"The chuck Norris" - Ftl playthrough

    "The chuck Norris" - Ftl playthrough

    This was the most exciting play through i have ever had in FTL, Right so heres what happened, i went into the fight with 1 point left in hull knowing full well i was going to die at any moment, a single missile shoots across the bow and my heart stops but it misses, i shout for more WEAPONS!! and a Second missile comes across the bow Another miss !! my own missle scores a godly hit on their weapons and i lump into the enemy, my broken ass ship put up one hell of a fight, this made me so proud of my crew and i scored one of my all time top 5 runs.

    omg like looking down a barrel.

    If you guys want to check it out the play list is below

    Thank you
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    [PLANETSIDE 2 VIDEO] Organized Platoon Highlights (ft. The Enclave Clan)

    Hey everyone :P I play on Matherson TR and wanted to share this with y'all. I am a member of the Enclave and this is a small sneak peak into what its like playing with us ^.^

    If you have not tried out PlanetSide 2 yet... its free and a lot of fun. Don't take just my word for it.

    Hope you guys enjoy, any likes/subs are appreciated.

    +1's also help our clan get some publicity.

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    Interesting day for gaming as Steam announces the Xi3 Piston, which brings Linux based Steam gaming to your living room via a grapefruit-sized computer, and nVidia announces it's streaming gaming device: Shield! Interesting times ahead for gaming!

    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    Epidode 1 of a WoW Machinima seriers called "Grouping with Randoms"

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    I decided to take a look at Don't Starve.

    And Borderlands 2

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    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    Red face starting new youtube channel based around gaming.

    Ive just started creating video content and hoping to grow and improve my channel.

    the channel is focused around all things gaming from some gameplay, review , lets plays , to beta info and guides!

    I'm still working on my skill at commentary,video editing..ect. so any and all advice is welcome, and id love to know what im doing right and what i am doing wrong.

    thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy my videos :

    (sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in)
    im trap in this bullshit this routine of life. they build us all up just to tear us all down.
    "its like my tongue on LSD"

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    Whats up guys, ive been working on my Diablo 3 play through, if you guys are interested ill put a link below.

    IF you guys have any advice for my play throughs let me know either here on on youtube, you will find me over in the rogue forums most days.

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    So I gave planetside 2 a try... does look fun indeed. When I will leave the base that is.

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    Vindictus - Vella

    For all the mmo-threads, as well as the game coming to Steam, I'm surprised at the lack of discussion about Vindictus. I played this game initially when the level cap was 44 and then stuck around for a few patches afterwards. I played it with a friend and essentially stopped after he rage quit about Lann, who he played, becoming rather worthless late game as he had the worst dodging mechanics in most situations.

    Recently we went back when we heard of the new character Vella. And essentially what she boils down to is a better version of Lann. I find it kind of hilarious really. Many of her moves are copies of Lann but at the same time they are better. It is like she is what would of been the result of buffing Lann. Besides the fact that she uses Twin Swords, she also has many of the same combo moves as well as a copy of Lann's dodge, Slip Dash.

    All that being said, despite being a clone character, she is so much fun to play. Was wondering what other people thought of her.

    We also started to record our game play footage after the first stage. We'll continue recording our leveling as long as we're having fun with it.

    For those unfamiliar to Vindictus, it is a dungeon-crawling action mmo that is free-to-play. Tera might claim it has a true action combat experience but the controls for Vindictus are just so much tighter and fluid to the point where the precision is down to a fraction of a second. Of course it lacks a free-roaming world but, if you have a friend to play the game with, I highly recommend it.

    I don't particularly mind that she is a clone, for I always wanted to play a female version of Lann, but my friend is a bit annoyed by it. I was wondering what other people's take on it was.

    Part 2:
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    Taking a preview look at the upcoming, currently in closed-beta, third person cooperation shooter called Warframe.

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