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    My new video, recorded live. Throne of Idris dungeon in Neverwinter. Playing as Devoted Cleric.

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    Some nice videos guys
    Dropping the nuclear on these soldiers ;D

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    My new Neverwinter video! Clearing Gray Wolf Den dungeon. Recorded live!

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    Just uploaded my first mash up of some Pudge gameplay!

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    This is a new weekly series I started where we take a look at free mmo's out there and give our first impression on them. This first episode is about the mmo "Champions of Regnum" a game which came on Steam awhile ago and did not look too first glance.

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    Metro Last Light Walkthrough!

    If anybody is interested im posting metro last light walk through videos to youtube hope yall enjoy!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4 NOW in 1080p!
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    Metro Last Light Walkthrough

    Part 5 still in 1080p!

    Part 6 Freaking Commies!

    Part 7
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    New Neverwinter video from me, this time in "Epic Cragmire Crypts" dungeon. Playing with Devoted Cleric.

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    Check out my fail fest 19 tries to kill Belial on mp 10 inferno solo. i have also got an unid EF up for grabs for people who post on the video.

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    Metro Last Light Wakthrough

    Part 8 Bandits freaking Bandits everywhere

    Part 9 Mole Rats

    Part 10 Stripper Boobs (id post the video link but it has boobs on it)
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    My new episode of MMO Quest. This week we looked at the new mmo that just went into open beta, Neverwinter.

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    Check out these Games that work with a 360 controller on Bluestacks Android Emulator on the PC and Mac.

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    Metro Last Light Walkthrough

    Part 11 Swamp Monsters....they do exist

    Part 12 Again with the Moles except now they have a Mom

    Part 13 The Russian Infection finding my girl

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    Metro Last Light Walkthrough

    Part 14 Sex Scene in Metro Last Light

    Part 15 Train Ride From Hell
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    FFXIV: ARR Live Stream (When NDA is lifted)

    Hello everyone!

    I'm curious about how many people would be interested in a Lets Play or Live Stream of ARR once the NDA has been lifted. If it seems like the community would like something like that then I'll make a vote page as to what class / start city ect would be chosen for it. =) If it seems like a stupid idea please let me know and I won't XD!


    Please note: I'm not saying I am or am not in beta. This is only applying to WHEN the NDA is lifted at whatever stage of the game is available.

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    Metro Last Light Walkthrough

    Part 16 Silenced Weapons are key

    Part 17 Fight Against Pavel also creepy red square

    Part 18 BEARLY MADE IT

    Part 19 The Last Stand (ending of the game)

    If you all liked the series please like and subscribe!! I will be doing plenty more games this summer and throughout the year look forward to them! Next up will be Call of Juarez:Gunslinger

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    Neverwinter Live stream on Twitch

    For everyone who is interested in Neverwinter and want to know and learn more about the Devoted Cleric or just generally the game itself this is the place for you!!

    MeresTV will provide you with a In-depth view of the Devoted Cleric and the game itself.

    If you decide to visit the channel dont be afraid to join the chat and ask any questions you might have. On the channel page itself you can also find a extensive guide with everything you need to know about the class. Dont forget to check out the HIGHLIGHTS to see him in action aswell doing the Heroic Dungeons like Castle Never. Or watch the stream and see it live!

    click image to go to stream

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    Call of Juarez Walkthrough brought to you by FPS underground

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
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