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    Damn all those new shitty games witch make me bored after 10 minutes of game play..
    Old school games & Speed running is so much fun..
    Testing out THPS1 for my PS1 speedrun, anyone knows allot about setting up streams to what ur pc / internet can handle ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregDub View Post
    Damn all those new shitty games witch make me bored after 10 minutes of game play..
    Old school games & Speed running is so much fun..
    Testing out THPS1 for my PS1 speedrun, anyone knows allot about setting up streams to what ur pc / internet can handle ?
    Its mainly about your upload speed that determines the output of the video your doing.
    FPS underground youtube channel! Subscribe if you like us!

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    This guy is a pretty cool Dark Souls speedrunner, and he loves to interact with the chat.
    He is also getting into System Shock 2 speedrunning.

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    Hello everyone!

    So this is my first time ever doing a let's play series but after seeing what Project Zombie was all about I wish I discovered it when it first came out. Join me on a battle for survival as I battle against Zombies, the elements, starvation and well more Zombies!

    Please give me some feedback on it as its my first time trying this any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the playlist for it, currently up to 3 episodes. Episodes are added daily.

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    Live streaming of games most nights

    Stream generally starts around 7pm GMT.

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    World of warcraft gaming livestream -

    sometimes raid, sometimes pvp. check it out & follow for more details!

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    Full in-depth beta preview for the upcoming TCG game called "Scrolls" from the makers of Minecraft, Mojang.

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    Got inspired by adam_ak stream to play some more gta again also :P
    Got my van heist segment at 11.30 +- now while world record speed gets there around 10 minute mark.

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    A Video of Grid 2 - A Global Challenge World #2 Place - At Least at the Moment =)

    ||youtube .com/ watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T0NVaWty6ks||

    Links between the ||

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    Hello all, just wanted to get this post out there. I currently am working on content for my youtube channel, but for now I mainly stream an assortment of games and the occasional MMO. Games played on stream so far include: The Walking Dead, Hector, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Wow, and Batman: Arkham City.

    Streaming Schedule:
    Monday-Thursday: 1AM EST-5 or 6AM EST
    Friday: 1AM EST-whenever i pass out
    Saturday and Sunday: I try to be live by 5PM EST, but if I have things to take care of it can be a little later. I usually try to stream as much as possible on weekends

    Chat Rules::
    pretty much the usual stuff here, don't be a douchebag and no backseating. Other than that everything else is fair game .

    I look forward to seeing you all on stream, and genuinely thank you in advance if you take the time to check me out. and also

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    Would love to get a few more viewers for my streams.. mostly WoW raiding Sun -> Mon & Wed -> Thurs starting around 7:30 central (-6GMT) :3

    also occasionally play Battlefield 3, Skyrim, and Black Ops 2 from time to time. Link below my signature banner. <3

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    GankTage in Kotmogu 468k crit + More !!
    Smashed by a car at 64 Kmph and walked away with just a grazed elbow, tank. 29/11/13

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    Hay Just a quick video of the game Kerbal Space program. Only about 20 mins long check it out if you guys get a chance, I build a ship fly it up and land it on an empty fuel tank.

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    Magrunner: Dark Pulse releases today, a new first-person puzzle game from 3 AM Games/Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive. Portal meets Cthulhu?
    Here's a full review:

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    Hey hey.

    The video enclosed is the first video in a series I've dubbed "Lasting Impressions" in which I air my opinions and thoughts on a game I've recently completed or am near completing.

    I've decided to start with BioShock Infinite.

    The video itself is split into 2 parts because (Despite being verified) YouTube never finished processing my videos that are longer than around 20 minutes - or at least, they take longer than 24 hours.

    The 2nd part is currently in the uploading queue, so that will be around shortly; If the annotations aren't taking you anywhere, that's why.

    Any criticism, tips etc are greatly appreciated... so long as they're kept civil.

    Thanks for your time!

    If you spend your entire life getting senpai to notice you, you'll never notice anyone else.


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    This is the latest in a new series I started called MMO Quest. Essentially it is a first impression series of all sorts of MMO's out there that I commentate on with a friend of mine. Even though there are a lot of f2p mmos out there, I have downloaded so many to only immediately uninstall them after they fail to draw me in at first. I like making these videos to give people an idea on how each game is and if they are worth playing.

    This one is on Marvel Heroes, check out my channel in my signature if you want to see my other MMO Quests.

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    Hey people... WE're back with more videos after a two month break.... we are a bunch of friends that love games and decided to create a youtube channel .. we play a lot of games... go have a look at our channel at :
    We will start some interesting Minecraft series soon so stay tunned
    Here are our last videos released on the channel :

    Hope you people enjoy and subscribe for more videos

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    Part -1

    Part -2

    Part -3

    Spontaneous Kerbal Combustion !! Kerbal mysteriously explodes

    Subscribe for +1 awesomeness
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