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    Hi guys, we're a group of hardcore gamers and we're back on the streaming; after our faily successful stream during Diablo 3 start (world 3rd inferno azmodan itp) we're back on streaming and racing in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, hop in while NDA is still up and check out our trolling around with our many screenshots auto-updating while we play each few seconds; going fullout normal stream when NDA lifts. Cheers and hopefully see you on our channel, cause we wanna make a new stream community with decent people and smart trolls!
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    Saints Row IV, although not like it's predecessor, Saints Row The Third, is still a fantastic game. Even though it has it's elements of sci-fi now compared to the gangster feel as the previous iterations had - still maintains a great sense of humor. Not only that but the powers that are given to you are still balanced enough to give the player a challenge rather than instantly feeling overpowered compared to everyone else. I know once you get to the end of the game the powers you possess do seem to give you an edge up agains't everyone else but in most situations it stays balanced throughout which was one of my concerns for the game.

    For those of you wondering what the beginning of the game looks like and wonder what the first scene is in the game, as in the Heist that you performed in Saints Row the Third here is a video I found showing you the beginning of the game. Oh, and those of you who are interested in watching the video support the Channel, the guy doesn't really have many Subscribers and really deserves them, at least in my opinion. Regardless, I really enjoyed the game.

    < snipped; stop posting your youtube channel everywhere. there's a thread for that in the stickies >

    The video doesn't contain spoilers either, so don't worry about that
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    [EuboGaming] - Is live now. We are leveling to 90 on World of Warcraft and love answering questions of all kinds. We have returned to the game after a 7 year break, so a lot has changed for us. Feel free to relax and take a look at our stream. It's obviously not all of you viewing this post will enjoy us, but for those who do, thank you!

    Link: www .

    - EuboGaming

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    Here are some clips of bosses done during my stream after the NDA was lifted.

    Halatali (Level 20 Dungeon)

    The Stone Vigil (Level 41 Dungeon)

    Dzemael Darkhold (Level 44 Dungeon)

    The Howling Eye (Level 44 Trial)

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    UK Streamer / Youtuber here , I'm doing League of Legend Content and at the moment a Let's play Series of the Trine games simply because they are flawless , beautiful and wonderfully narrated games , I shall be doing the next wow expansion beta and Hearthstone when I get my beta invite , Check me out @

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    3xGIVEAWAY guys... so i reached lvl 100 and to celebrate.. i wanted to reword you guys for staying close to our youtube channel .. so i will be giving away 3 game ( so 3 people will win a game each ) the contest started and it will end next wednesday on sept 4th .. to enter the GIVEAWAY .. go to our giveaway video and leave a comment, a like and be sure to be SUBSCRIBED !

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    The Hangar module for Star Citizen was released, so I had a look at my shiny new Freelancer.

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    A pretty new streamer looking to find more people to watch me play games! I'm kinda ddicted to FF 14 right now..but making my fiancee play Skyrim for the first time ever right now! COme watch!

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    Wocky's MEGA MMO Graphic Comparison 2013 at glorious 1080p, MAX detail on all games (beyond "Ultra")

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    Starting to stream Diablo 3 again. Have a team of 4 doing co-op Hardcore. WW Barb (myself), 2 Ball Lightning DH, and a BBV WD. Synergy is excellent and our new Act 1 route has been yielding anywhere between 100-120m xp/hr on mp2. As of last night, one of the DH died to a disconnect (at plvl 66) and may be switching to TR monk with overawe to increase xp/hr.

    If the stream gets a steady amount of viewers, I'd be happy to do some unid or gold giveaways on US Hardcore.

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    Stumbled across this pretty awesome rendition of Time's Scar from the Chrono Cross OST. The violinist is absolutely amazing, so be sure to watch til the end to catch her solo.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm not exactly sure if this is correct forum section to make a post about this. But I recently started streaming and I'd really appreciate if you'd all like to give my channel a try and watch some time.

    Currently I don't have a set time but I do stream every day different games so feel free to stop by and watch!

    Don't forget to follow!

    Thanks a lot hope to see you all in it. is my channel

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    Hey guys... so we just hit 200+ subs and to celebrate and thank you guys for that we are having a 200 SUBS GIVEAWAY and this time we're giving

    away :
    -Magicka Steam Key
    -Showdown Effect Steam key
    To enter the contest be sure to:
    -Leave a comment on this video
    -Like the video
    -And Be Subscribed to the Channel.
    The video will end on sept 17 and i will post the winners in a video that will be released on that date, and i will also message the winners on

    Good Luck To You All !

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    Ragnarok II - Legend of the Second

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    Australians playing SR4! Please give it some love!
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
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    Heya everyone, I have recently started streaming on Twitch and I'd love it if some people from mmo-champ came to check it out! I'm currently playing Diablo 3, but I play all sorts of games, so come on in, relax and stay awhile.
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    Catch that orange! (Prop hunt)

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