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    Counter Strike Source One Deags!

    Me and a mate decided to make a video last week of our favourite one deags on Counter Strike: Source

    Tell us what you think, appreciated ;D

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    Amazing TF2 video - Dictator

    Such a beautiful work of art.
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    Also, I challenge everyone to actually listen to that speech and gather the meaning of it rather than just listening and saying, "Wow that must be good."

    I especially love the contradictions regarding technology and progress. He criticizes it and then goes on to praise it as the goal of humanity.
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    [EvE Online] Prom's Rage (Appreciation)

    New video by PROMETHEUS EXENTHAL showing what I loved so much about my time in EvE; solo PvP. I wish I could still play this game QQ. Enjoy!

    Visit his website where you can find his killboard / more of his videos @
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    Gonna put a old movie of myself in my CoD 4 days (3 years ago).

    The movie was made by a old clan member of mine called Lennzy and staring me, Lennzy is well known in the Tek-9 movie community.
    The movie was made with clips from Clan matches 5 vs 5 (Clan Base, Tournaments and some random pick up games.), no public play shit.

    Hope you enjoy!
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    People are afraid of getting infracted? lol

    Nevertheless, here is a bunch of people cheering that a person not from the realms "best guild" got a realm first achievement.

    "It's clear this is another bash Apple thread. Such things are not conducive to a good discussion."

    WRONG! Those are the BEST discussions!

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    Family guy online Open beta!

    NDA was lifted!

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    a few xbox tips and tricks

    here is a few tips and tricks you may or may not know about

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    Are you the guys complaining about Blizzard also on that channel?

    Its a game a glorified toy! you really need to get out more

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    Noitu Love 2 on Steam this Monday

    Noitu Love 2 is classic 2D side-scrolling action that uses the mouse to aim and attack.

    Even though this game is four years old, this is the first time I've heard of it. I don't think this developer is getting enough exposure.

    I'm also looking forward to his current project, The Iconoclasts - A Metroidvania with environmental puzzles.

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    D2 commentary feedback please :)


    So i've made my very own first commentary and i would like to know what you think. What should i improve? I do of course accept criticism(as long as it is constructive).

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    My childhood died at 5:30.

    Maybe you will like it, but my friends and I shit bricks when we saw Boba Fett dance the YMCA hahahaha. We couldn't stop laughing.

    Sorry if there has already been a thread on this!

    The last eight seconds they make Palpatine dance.

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    Hey there, folks. My channel: link

    Complete Let's Play Bastion (blind playthrough): link

    In-progress Let's Play Shadows of the Damned (dual commentary): link

    In-progress Let's Play Prototype 2: link

    Hope you guys enjoy!

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    Hey dudes,

    Doing a Riot Point giveaway this Sunday! For more info check the youtube video!



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    Tried out the new Sniper Elite V2 for the PC!

    Its is Awesome!

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    [THPS3] My Childhood.

    I just accidently stumbled across

    3 minutes and 12 seconds of pure blissful nostalgia.

    All I did as a kid was play this game and skate. Honestly one of the best games I've ever played.
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    So im now playing sniper Elite v2 full game, and thought u may enjoy the pleasure of the game!

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    Path of Exile Preview (+ key giveaway)

    Hello MMO-champion fellows, I'm sure some of you have heard of Path of Exile before. I've seen some threads on the game come and go around here, but for those that don't know it's an action RPG much in the style of Diablo or Torchlight. It's sufficiently different for me to have decided to make a spotlight video for it however, and as I recently decided to support the developers I have an excess key that I am also giving away (info is on the video, 'tis simple)

    I'd love some feedback and hopefully this here little video can help inform some of you here on Path of Exile, since it's definitely worth checking out.

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    Cool Yet another one of them (Let's Player)

    So, I decided to go forth with the Let's Play idea I had a couple of weeks ago, and I just posted the 12th video of the series earlier today.
    A couple of my friends who've been watching since the beginning honestly do enjoy everything thus far. They've also corrected me where needed, so I've been able to make some improvements along the way.

    Hopefully if you're bothering to read this, you're into watching this sort of stuff. If you have nothing better to do and would like to take the time to watch a video, here's the latest two.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    -Going to Hengsha and arriving there, Part 11

    -Entering the Hive, Part 12

    -Link to Complete Playlist, 1-12

    And about the text, unless you've watched from the very beginning, you probably wouldn't understand right away.
    It's basically an idea I came up with where it's an imaginary character, watching the video like you are, but he's also commentating (through text on-screen). His thoughts generally consist of something myself, one of my best friends, or a random troll would have. None of what I do during recording is planned to correlate with his thoughts. Sometimes things just happen to fit together and make for an even better video.

    Feedback, good or bad, is welcome. As stated in the Part 1 video, this is the very first time I've done a Let's Play, or even commentated anything for that matter, so I'm definitely not going to be the best. :3

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