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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    Except that most players who buy gold don't end up actually getting banned.

    If you think of it, it is a business. If people got banned everytime someone bought gold, they wouldn't make very much money at all. Yet we see news articles saying RMT is a billion dollar business. They can steal all the accounts they want, but you eventually have to sell it to make money.

    The only difference is that instead of making people fear of buying gold, they encourage it through their company so they can make a piece of the pie.
    With a B2P model ANet can't lose money from banning someone. Once you buy the box they have already gotten your money. If you get banned you either stop playing or buy another box which will give them more money. The RMT is just something extra that they choose to sell to us if we want to buy it.

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    It's not like the RMT matters, the gems can net you gold which net you gear that you can buy with gold that's not any better than gear you get from dungeons or gear you get from Karma or gear you get from PvP it's just a matter of aesthetic differences, not major statistical differences. Not better, just different. In GW you could go and get max stat gear at an extremely early level, did it mean anything? No. Because while gear was present, and stats had effect, they were only so important in the scheme of things, the majority of influence on your success coming from your build and your common sense as a player. I'd say skill, but I tend to find anytime I see people talking about skill in an RPG or an MMO that their idea of skill turns out to be my idea of common sense.

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    if the lowest price that RMT can sell for is higher then the set price from in game then the profit of RMT is gone and then the RMT is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinare View Post
    if the lowest price that RMT can sell for is higher then the set price from in game then the profit of RMT is gone and then the RMT is gone.
    good luck with pulling that off, third world curries are well capable of rising people for less than two dollars an hour. They already make Aton of. Key to begin with since the labor cost is so cheap.

    Even then, lowering the prices does nothing but flood the market which in turn makes items require more gems, equalizing the effect and in the end the gems cost about the same.
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    Sorry, would someone care to explain what RMT is? *It is really helpful when people avoid using jargon where possible, or at least explain what said jargon/acronyms mean. *Don't tell me to search google. *I am. *The point is it's a massive inconvenience when all the OP Had to do was type a few extra letters in the first post for clarification.

    Don't you mean RWT? *Real World Trading?

    Clarified. *Real Money Trade. *Thanks *Bloody acronyms.

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