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    Me and my pets will be dominating everything!! Weapon set i have no idea about other then a warhorn will 100% be in my arsenal, i'll also have healing spring as my heal so i can remove conditions and heal me and my allies and essentially just create a safe zone, and i'll probably take some nature spirits because they seem pretty legit!! Especially some of their activate skills, and i'll likely have signet of the Wild, with my elite being Spirit of Nature, so i'll be fairly support heavy, but i'll probably be pretty condition heavy too, gotta wait and see how the nature magic traits turn out before i make any final judgements...
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    Youre in the mmo forums and you find mmos boring, Im heading on over to the twilight forums to add my unecessary and shallow 2 cents.

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    Mobility for PvP (Thief & Elementalist), and I have no idea for PvE for either of the two - maybe a large lean towards Control, I don't know. I want to see some more Dungeon footage.

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    This will be my spec on my Thief. High Mobility, anti ranged and high Initiative regeneration for defensive and offensive abilities. I will first focus on PvE so this is the build for that. It might work really well in PvP aswell, we'll have to wait and see though.

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