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    [H] <Inappropriate> - Arthas 25M 5/8H LF 2 DPS 1 HEALER for raid spot (3d/w)

    We are a semi-casual guild that raids on US-Arthas horde side.

    For all of our raiders, we provide free :
    • gems,
    • enchants,
    • feasts,
    • flasks,
    • and repairs

    We are currently in need of :
    • 2-3 DPS and
    • 1 HEALER

    for immediate spots

    We raid TUESDAY, THURSDAY, MONDAY - 7:30-10:30 EST.
    If interested, please apply at www.inappropriate-guild.net

    You can also contact me or any other officer online :
    Shadôwbeing, Locke, Lockecole, Ink, Rie, Tabis, Lumby

    Please be ok with offensive jokes, we are Inappropriate after all !
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    Still need people

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    App on the website

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    Still need people

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    Hey there! *We currently have an immediate spot available for a strong healer (Shaman or Druid) and a few great DPS. *Though we would prefer a kitty, boomy, warlock, or warrior - we'll also entertain any other skilled applicants. *Thanks for reading!

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    We're waiting on Zotak to edit the thread title, as we are now 5/8hm. We're currently working on the end of p2 on Blackhorn, and are still hoping to find a few great players! We would love a Feral Druid (DPS), Warlock, or Warrior. We still have an immediate spot available for a strong Restoration Druid. Have a nice day! ^_^

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    It's done ! 5/8 and soon to be 6/8.

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