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    Quote Originally Posted by Znake19 View Post
    only if the top weapons were like the ones in GW1 (i.e. top level weapons all can have the same stats, just cosmetically will look different) OR if you can only obtain the best weapons by playing(i.e you cannot sell the very best weapons) << this will discourage botting also(as you cant sell the best weapons).
    This ^ exactly.

    according to's posts on how people can attain gear it's one of 3 ways.

    1: Buy them with gems or gold. (this will apply to skins, lower level gear & or player created gear.)

    2: Buy them with points attained from participating in events (said points cannot be traded)

    3: Buy them with karma attained from how you handle quests (karma cannot be traded)

    So that basically leaves people who bot with 2 options,
    1: buy player created gear
    2: Run a bot program smart enough to do instances, events etc...

    Given how smart the AI appears to be & how active the combat is in GW2, both actions seem like they will require a much smarter BOT program then the majority of the ones out there.
    That alone should cut down on the amount of people doing it & make it easier for to ban them.
    The way balancing for WOW PVP works is allot like American politics.
    1: Be lazy & ignore problems till the yelling is so loud your cant concentrate.
    2: Refuse to do the things you have Said need to be done, then make up reasons why they cannot be done.
    3: Lay the blame for problems on someone else even when it's your fault because you did all of the above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zcks View Post
    Given how smart the AI appears to be & how active the combat is in GW2, both actions seem like they will require a much smarter BOT program then the majority of the ones out there.
    as you can see from press beta vids, most players dont even dodge and are fine when fighting solo mobs. all they need to do is a well placed bot, away from events, in the middle of the nowhere and surrounded by mobs

    sure its less gold than events etc but they r gonna be there 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
    brute force botting.. time is their greatest ally

    hopefully this wont happen as much as i think :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by guser View Post
    as you can see from press beta vids, most players dont even dodge and are fine when fighting solo mobs.
    No they're not. Not at higher levels.
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    lol bots?

    95% people that uses botts uses then to farm. Usually bots focuse on one target and kill it, if they end up agroing a few mobs they will die. Plus bots use the same skills over and over, and I doubt they will dodge any attack, bots will be dead meat before they can kill 20 mobs if not less.
    I am back ponys... still hate you all.

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    I wonder how bots would work in this game. Consider the combat system and that there are no macros. I suppose if they were able to hack into the game. At any rate, I think this is a very unfriendly game for bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    So, I read about the microtransaction system. Sure, it's good that I can buy that cash shop store items for gold with just having to play and not pay real cash.
    However, this system will promote opening wallet to save time since the gold price will be high. Instead of a normal grind for a couple of days to get item they increase the grind to months. Say you want a cute looking costume, that will take you a couple of months but there is this epic weapon that will improve your char that also takes some months to get. If you choose the costume you will not progress your char, so you either grind for ages or open your wallet and get item directly. While the rich dude just adding 50 dollars or something get all epics instantly.

    Also, picking up that flower knowing it's 0.001% of the gold needed for the item. Why should not people bot that farming, especially if they dont want to pick flowers all day long and dont want to pay irl cash? Because most of the people dont want to open their real life wallet, but they don't want to gather mats or whatev day in and day out.. especially with limited gametime. So they bot, and I can't see why they shouldn't?

    They make it way easier for people to sell as well. They can make website and say: we sell gems for less than the GW2 cash store, buy from us instead. And they trade in game and it all looks legal, because... well it is.

    If you think it will be otherwise, please inform me. Because right now it looks more like the ultimate paradise for bots and goldsellers or well gemsellers than not.
    micro transactions are tried and tested, things that are hard to get in game will always be more valuable than stuff you can buy, also with a game its your own experience that matters, i have played LoL for ages, but i still havent used my credit card to buy anything, and im happy with that, but other people maybe want to throw some cash at a game and get some new fancy skins, fair play to them

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    Well considering there are 2 ways to obtain a bot program
    1. make it yourself, which takes time (and a intimate understanding of programming)
    2. Pay for one, which costs money

    Both put your account into danger of being found out and banned.

    And since the argument seems to be about people botting because they have neither the free time to farm the gold nor the spare money to buy gems kinda seems redundant. Either way you spend the time or money and the game itself provides both ways with no fear of being banned. What would be the point of botting in the first place unless you're just generally a pretty stupid individual and want to do things the risky less effective way. Since this game is very much skill based and won't cater to the mouth-breathing crowd that comprises a majority of WoW's subscription the stupid people who buy a program that plays their game for them (just sounds stupid right?) won't be interested in this game in the first place. Hence the game has already nipped the botting problem in the bud before release just through clever game design.

    Will there still be people botting that are the exception to the rule? Sure, but it won't be anything like we've seen from other game

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