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    Help with focus target cast macro

    I am trying to make a focus target macro where it target's my focus target's target and cast my moonfire spell. I am not sure if it is possible.

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    /target [exists] focus
    /use [@targetstarget, exists] moonfire
    This should work though ive had some iffy experiences with macros that use targetlasttarget.
    i cannot test this macro right now but hopefully it works
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    Didn't work thanks for the attempted help though

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    /use [@focustarget,harm,nodead][]Moonfire

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    /use [@focustargettarget]Moonfire
    use the "at" symbol i cant since im on a new account >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie95816 View Post
    /use [@focustarget,harm,nodead][]Moonfire
    Ty this one works

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