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    This is from a female perspective and I tend to spend the majority of my time in the cardio section of the gym.
    Probably the top irritating things I experience at the gym are:

    1) Chicks with half their breasts hanging out of their remarkably skimpy "workout clothes". My ass they're just there to workout.

    2) Mind-numbing smells resulting from those silent burps. I once experienced a stench from a guy whose breath smelled like a combination of clam chowder and the smell of zoo animals. (I feel guilty complaining about this because even I have bouts of burps when I workout and I don't know how they affect the people next to me.)

    Usually I have a pleasant experience at the gym aside from these occasional occurrences.

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    People who "call" machines and then when you just decide to go on them anyways, they scream at you like a spoiled child. Even though they just started doing exercises on a different machine. Like wtf?! You don't own the fuckin' gym gtfo!

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    What I hate the most: People who do not use the squat rack for its intended use!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCSscallywag View Post
    People who go to the gym.

    Look at you. Thinkin' you're all better than me because you're "healthy" and "taking care of yourselves".

    Shut up and no once cares.


    Another Disgusting Fat Body.

    I'm truthfully just bitter I couldn't hack it at the gym. But I always hated the person who would come up and give the unsolicited advice. Specifically the male/female bodybuilder duo (Probably named Hans and Helga) who out of nowhere while I was doing halfassed curls decided to critique me on my form and amount of weight I was using. It was my second day in the gym.

    I promptly decided that I get enough exercise watching my toon run around in game. lulz.
    Seriously? People enjoy working out as a hobby, so we're not allowed to talk about it because you're disgruntled? Don't let one bad experience get to you, screw them and keep doing what you're doing.

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    I hate the wannabe lifters who hang around the gym with their girl friends or significant others who after I finish my sets attempt to lift what I had to try and show off almost injuring themselves severely and having to help the idiots..... Also people who ask you to speed up your sets so they could use the equipment like the smith machine when doing squats.

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    When people can lift more than they think then scream and yell like they're the shit afterward. One crappy bench press or half of a bicep curl isn't doing anything and they're setting themselves up to get hurt.

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    I HATE seeing my professors naked in the locker room. Not that the problem can really be helped or that it's anyone's fault really, but it's just weird seeing my 60+ year old psych professor taking his sweet time cleaning his ears naked in front of the mirror haha. My university has like 6 different gyms to go to and I like to switch between them every time I lift...yet I always manage to see Professor Ackroff "hanging" around at least once a week!

    As already mentioned, I do hate the people who work out chest/bis/tris EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY ARE IN THE GYM. They do as many exercises as they can for each and superset them all. It's like they have never heard of squats or deadlifts and just congregate around the benches the whole time. Though really, I could care less what they do, they can live with their chicken legs. Plus, it pretty much leaves all the squat racks open to me

    I also get extremely annoyed when someone asks to jump in during my sets. It's not a big deal if they want to use the same weights as I am, but it just becomes a chore when they use a weight that is not close to yours. E.G., I was squatting during my gym primetime around 6:30 pm today. I was warming up to 5x5 of 315 and another guy asks if he can jump in, since I was just warming up with the bar and 25s. I wasn't gonna say no so he goes. After the light warmup, I slap on 315. I was hoping it would discourage him from going after me (not to sound like a douche) but he stuck around. I do my 1st working set and we have strip it to the bar and put on the 25s and a 2.5lb for the other guy. Additionally he is about ~6 inches taller than me and we had to adjust the bar pegs after. each. set. This carries on throughout my whole workout and it really was a pain stripping the weights and moving the bar pegs after each set. Furthermore, I was spotting/coaching my female friend on one of the other squat racks which sometimes required my rests to go a bit longer. When the other guy thought I was taking too long a rest, he came over and asked if I could hurry up. I mean cmon guy. After we each did 2 sets, 2 other squat racks become available that were calling his name, yet he still wanted to work on the same one where I was and still pestered me when he thought my rests were too long?!

    Just have SOME consideration for others in the gym.

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    I hate the people that always ask me if I need tips or any help...I think I can handle my situation on the treadmill bro. That being said people in the gym make me feel wierd and I invested in all of my own stuff at home. I also dislike the people who try to do crossfit in the small cramped areas....There is not enough room for that stuff inside the gym:P I really dislike the 40 year old ladies that are on the bike machines for hours and hours on end, I used to get so mad cause I always want to try them but there's always old ladies on forever. Oh last one: There's a guy at the gym who works there and teaches BJJ classes, one of the most out of shape guys I've ever seen, always talks about all the UFC fighters he's met (You can tell hes bullsh*ting) All the professional MMA gyms hes worked in...I just think...So why are you teaching in the smallest mountain town in PA?...."Oh brah you should come roll with us in class!" No Thanks. Oh and I've never experienced this in the girls locker room but I've heard awful stories from my male friends about old guys in the saunas and locker rooms just chillin naked. That seems pretty disgusting.
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    Guys who wear flip flops to the gym while lifting weights.

    People who think bicep curls involve jerking your entire body back and forth as you bring the weight up and down.

    People.that don't wipe down equipment.

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    -People who don't put in the effort (ie aren't in agony, don't have a stupid expression on there face, aren't drenched in sweat and walk out not feeling destroyed)
    -People who imply that I use steroids, just because i'm twice your size and you've been lifting for 6 years while I have been lifting for 2 years doesn't mean I take steroids. It means I know more than you.

    But I tend not to care. It is pointless to worry about something you can't change and I very much doubt that the misinformed or lazy people will ever change their ways. They will eventually quit when they make no progress, which is good because they'll stop wasting their time.

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    • Grunters, and I mean the guys who can bench 5x5 at 100 kg yet somehow they're screaming and grunting already when they warm up at 50 kg. Not someone who is working really hard.
    • People who occupy equipment while chatting with their friends or texting.
    • The "bro" teenagers who hang out at the gym for several hours and spend more time talking than working out (while occupying equipment).
    • The glaring guys, you know the ones, giving everyone else mean looks.
    • The showoffs, women in tiny workout clothes and guys in short shorts and tight tank tops. Don't give me that shit about how otherwise your clothes will get stuck on stuff, there's a guy next to you wearing a hoodie and baggy workout pants who's lifting just fine thank you.
    • The ones who make no progress, you've been coming here three times a week for a year now yet you're still overweight and lifting the same low weights you were lifting a year ago, maybe it's time to actually put some effort into your workout? (often the same as the ones who sit around texting or talking on the phone).
    • People who bring their kids to the gym. God damnit, this is a gym, I'm paying good money to be here and I don't want to have to tell your filthy kid to get off the equipment because he thinks it's fun to climb on...

    At least this year's new year's resolution crowd is gone by now, too bad they're starting to get replaced by the "Bro, I'm getting ripped for Beach 2012" crowd (who fail to realize that if you stumble into the gym in late march you're unlikely to get "ripped" by june...)
    I am the Kwisatz Haderach

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    Maybe i was just lucky but when i used to go to the gym the people there seemed brilliant, the whole "getting fit and working out" crowd here seem a lot more tolerable and friendly than you guys are making out.

    I suppose there was one group that annoyed me though, a few times i saw people that would lie a lot with people trying to help them, for instance the trainer would ask them what they had for tea the previous night and they'd say a chicken salad or w/e and after the trainer leaves they'd look over to me and say "LOK JK i had pizza"

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    - People who grab up 3 or 4 pairs of dumbbells and keep them in their little hoard. Especially the .5 ones, as there's one a single pair of those in the entire weight rack.

    - Axe and other spray odorant users. Especially the ones who take the commercials as gospel and do the "pit pit chest" soak.

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    The thing about threads like these (aka the one on is so much of this stuff gets made up. I'm not going to call anyone out but there appears to be a lot of exaggeration with these scenarios.

    Sure, there are valid complaints about people not re-racking weights or spending more time socializing in the squat rack than squatting. Why get upset if someone checks their triceps in the mirror, regardless if they have 14" or 20" arms? How does his or her self-image affect your workout? Why get mad if someone breathes heavily on a dumbbell press? These aren't things that should interfere with your ability to lift weights.

    Focus less on the people around you and more on your workout. You'll get better results if you stop being self-conscious or worrying about what others are doing. Just some advice from someone who used to get annoyed in the gym by others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Projali View Post
    Why get upset if someone checks their triceps in the mirror, regardless if they have 14" or 20" arms?
    Yeah, that one doesn't bother me. It feels good to flex a bit, even though I'm not a huge muscle guy. And gyms have mirrors for a reason: I look at myself to check my form. Same reason martial arts studios usually have mirrors.

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    I'll add this to the list:

    People with practically exploded arms and chest who avoid core training but still strut with "I'm so stroooong" painted on their faces.

    I'm skinnier than them, and I can already start to do V and L sits. Maybe they are doing it on purpose. I don't know. I see people who aren't bloated up accomplishing greater feats of total human strength than the bloated "ripped" people strutting around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcho View Post
    I'm skinnier than them, and I can already start to do V and L sits. Maybe they are doing it on purpose. I don't know. I see people who aren't bloated up accomplishing greater feats of total human strength than the bloated "ripped" people strutting around.
    Yup, that's why I pay my buddy (an ex-army ranger) to bounce at my place on friday and saturday night. He's a solid guy... I think about 6'4" or 6'5" and about 200-220 pounds, so pretty slim looking. Strong as hell. Maybe can't bench or squat as much as some guys. But he can absolutely destroy any muscle guy in a real-life situation.

    He's the guy doing his thing at the gym, chuckling at the guys who just do curls or benches. You probably never noticed him.

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    People who laugh at someone new to exercising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie View Post
    Grunters and people who stare at themselves in the mirror.
    When I'm staring at myself in the mirror its usually when I'm on the recumbent, and I'm just making sure the boys don't pop out and say hello.

    Other than that its more locker room etiquette and people who don't wipe off the machines when they are done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanille View Post
    New year new me people, when the gym becomes flooded for the first 6 weeks of the year
    So much this. Half of them don't know what they're doing and it's hard to get anything done in that early period of the year. I usually take the first week or two of the year off so it can die down at least a bit

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