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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    I think it's a thing with other girls, it's weird and really annoying.
    Well I am a boy, but I never use the elliptical anymore. I think this also falls under my first complaint. :P

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    a: sounds like a dickhead

    b: well as you said you have to start somewhere. At the beginning it's always hard, even if you're doing really simple stuff. When I hit the gym after 2 years break I couldn't even wash my hair or drive a car because my arms hurt so bad. And getting up in the morning, just rolled out of it. But after 1 month your body should get used to it and the pain goes away. Also a lot of cardio would help with the blood flow and help with the sore muscles (might sound counterproductive but if your legs hurt, go ride the bike for 30 minutes and you're good, your whole body will stop hurting)

    c: lol wat. I'd tell him to go work on his brain, it's weak.
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    people who want to ask question about working out. I'm not a freakin gym teacher. As for the pet peeve, looks like I'm many people's since I do superset and rotation work out. Bench, flies and push up, but it takes me the same amount of time to do that 4 times then the guy next to me just benching.

    I love running on treadmill, no one wants to use that. Only chicks on it, and that's motivation to run when you see that ass bouncing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by necromus View Post
    a) the day after I joined a gym to get into shape a personal trainer randomly walking by me while I am working out tells me that my pecs and abs are pathetic. I inform him that yes, that's why I joined the gym yesterday but he just kept on rambling about how pathetic my body looked. What an jackass, everybody has to start somewhere.
    That's terrible. I have a really good friend that started me off going to the gym. He's an ex-Army Ranger, told me if anything like that ever happened to me, just go get him. He doesn't look like much, but I'm pretty sure he could wrestle a bull. So... it happened once. And the guy who mocked me was in a jujitsu class my friend was teaching later that night... mmmhmm.

    I don't personally mind. I'm not at the gym to impress anyone but myself. Those people are jerks though.
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    People who act tough after 1 or 2 exercises while they barely have a muscle and flexs infront of the mirror to drag attention. People that just keep lookin at you or starin at other people. People who just go there as an attraction center back to point 1...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mil Mascaras View Post
    People complain that catering to the 1% of players for (mythic) raids is atrocious.

    981 page thread about wanting Blizzard to cater to less 1% of the player base is downright giggle worthy.

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    People who touch themselves in the shower ._.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booze View Post
    Kinda strange, you are software developer and yet you don't have college degree? You mean you have master from university or something else?

    I meant a college degree or certificate as a personal trainer. I have a Computer Science university degree already.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maix View Post
    People who touch themselves in the shower ._.
    Worst for me is the creepy old dudes... especially the ones that follow you around the lockers/steam room trying to hit on you. Never really had any of the other problems people have talked about, but I do go to a nice gym with plenty of everything to go around.

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    I get competitive when i'm on the treadmill. If I see someone going faster than me i'll push myself to match them. It made me go from a 4.0 run / 4.0 incline --> 5.6 run / 1.0 incline --> 7.2 run etc. I ended up doing the Chicago marathon shortly after with a time of 3:56:04, so it wasn't all bad.

    I can see where someone noticing me glancing over would get annoyed by it though.
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    - Guy using the squat rack for 45min. First does squats, then power cleans, then bicep curls, then rack pulls, then bent over pulls, then shrugs. For gods sake... just because you can do everything on one rack, doesn't mean you should use the only one in the gym for almost an hour. And kinda routine uses all those lifts? a flippin bad one. Same thing happens on the cable's and certain free benches.
    - People walking on the treadmill for an hour at 3mph or slower. Yes... walking on the treadmill does burn calories. But that's for a fast walk, ie 4mph or greater. Walking at 2mph is just wasting your time and keeping someone else from using a piece of equipment. Exception goes out to the very heavy and very old. Just being in the gym is a great step.
    - People wearing Ed'hardy(spelling?) and designer clothes to the gym, with their gold necklaces and earnings. Yea, its cool to be in style and showing off your swag at the club, but not the freakin gym. For god's sake, at least act like you're here to workout and not just hit on the chick in her spandex.
    - Very bad body odor.

    The group/click thing that was mentioned earlier is always prevalent at most gyms, usually later in the evening. I've tried confronting these groups in the past. It's never ended well. They usually give some sort of excuse like... "we're doing this to motivate each other" or "you want to jump in and compete?" If you go up to them and ask.... "so.... who's is bigger?" that usually shuts them up and makes them think for a while, but like I said, its never gonna go away. To those people, lifting is a big social thing, kinda like mmo's are to this community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maruka View Post
    fat sweaty people taht grunt and dont clean their sweat off the machines, but i give them a break bc at least they are trying to better themselves and arent sitting on the couch eating chips.
    This, basically.

    Now, for a bit of context... I'm usually one of those fat bastards, and I don't sweat so much as I simply have buckets coming off of me (literally dripping sweat at times after a good workout)... but even *I* know it doesn't take much to wipe off the fucking machine. There's nothing worse than going over to something new, only to see a puddle of someone else's after-filth just sitting there... Blech.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nurabsal View Post
    on an aside, i think Bane Falcon might be my hero
    2-2-2012. We shall always remember the day where Paladins ascended through the Light to become GODS.

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    The ones who want you to buy some shakes/powder via them for a ridiculous price so they can earn some cash...
    They mostly look like bulls on steroids and brag about their posture.

    - I go only to the gym to have some muscles, good health and cardio... I don't intend to reach the 'hulk mode'.

    When there are more people than usual and they stare at you while you are using one of the machines, hoping that'll you finish soon...

    - Happens 'atleast' once a week. Those guys then chatter and lol frigging loud - in front of you - and they keep coming closer to my machine...

    pervs who stare at the girls... like 90% of the time.
    srsly, they know that you are watching....
    You only look like a perv if you don't have chat with them....
    Unless a pornstar walks /awyeah.
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    People who are more obsessed with what you're lifting and what they're lifting than actually lifting.

    Gym: You're doing it wrong.

    And it doesn't annoy me, but people with bad form... I have to jump in and say something, I can't just leave them >.<
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    2) Unrack
    3) Crank out 15 reps
    4) Be ashamed of constantly skipping leg day

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    uuugh i hate when ppl just throw their weights at the floor to sound like he's awesome (i bet it has the opposite effect) or the screamers, there was a time i had to go to the gym by 5-7 Pm and there was a guy that had to scream every single time he was pushing something heavy and it echoed in the entire gym...dang i hated that. also the machine talkers...

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    The ones that go BEYOND just grunting - to the point that you'd think they're involved in some form of violent mating ritual. And the ones that drop dumbells. Especially the ones that do both simultaneously.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyBucky View Post
    People who want to talk to you while your listening to your ipod. I'm not wearing these earphones as an accessory people.
    I wear headphones with no music just so people won't talk to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    I wear headphones with no music just so people won't talk to me.
    Lol wut. You should listen music, good motivation.

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    The Girls that grunt like they are in a sexual act. I'm sitting there trying to work my abs but i just can't keep doing them because i'm laughing at the same time....DAMN YOU!

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    I hate in general how busy it gets after 5pm, im pidegeonholed into going only at certain times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    People who lift with poor form. The old people who think the gym is their fucking hangout and spend 3 hours talking and 25 min lifting.

    I also really really really hate most personal trainers and their piss poor broscience.
    Can you get a PhD in Broscience?

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