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    People that sit on a bench in front of a mirror doing bicep curls with a low weight for 1 hour...

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    -People who stare themselves in the mirror all the way.
    -People who has nothing to do with their life and is allways at the gym, no matter the hour or day u go the gym, they are already there staring themselves and flirting around. How pathetic.

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    People that pick up weights off the weight rack and stand right in front of the rack while they do their exercise cutting everyone else off from access to the weights around the ones the guy/girl picked up. Pisses me off to no end.

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    The guy or girl that just has to talk to me because Im on the machine closest to them. I didnt go to the gym to play 20 questions, thats why I lift at home now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Booze View Post
    You will laugh, but I m annoyed by hot chicks who come to gym just to shake their asses. I need some concentration, and they are sometimes very distracting.
    This is actually a problem for me to. Hate it when they mess up my focus/sets!

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    People who try and lift way too much and have asstastic form. I keep waiting for this one guys vertabrae to shoot right out of his fucking back while he attempts to deadlift 455lbs with his bowed back.

    People who offer me any unsolicited advice.

    People who try and talk to me while I'm in the middle of a workout.

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    Mostly machine / area hoggers or smellers. Right now my fitness isn't as busy as it used to be, but if you don't wait at a bench someone else is going to take it.

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    What annoys me slightly are the people who give the impression that their only intention there is to show off their muscles, it's happened loads of times.

    Also I hate the people who don't bother bringing a towel in the changing rooms, there is just penis everywhere!

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    Man hearing the men's locker room stories, I guess it's a trade off for how dirty female public bathrooms are in comparison to male.

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    most likely been said but people who dont put their equipment away.

    i mean theres one guy at my gym who was actually there today everytime i walk in i can tell if he has just been or is still here by the shear ammout of dumbells all over the weights area some right next to the rack just on the floor

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    Most people at the gym (guys anyways) all have horrible form in pretty much everything they do. Why is it guys try to lift way more than they can do? To show off? I mean I'm all for trying to better yourself, but within your limit. Even if you only do one, as long as you go to failure and do the correct form that's great. I see people on bench load on the weight and go down an inch. I mean seriously what the hell is that? People that do dumbbell curls are arching their backs so much you swear they're going to break it. Squats? Same deal. People load on the weight and go down an inch. And what's funny is they usually have someone there with them and the guy is screaming at them and urging them on. Afterward they jump up and scream and swear and think they're the fucking shit. It's pretty fucking funny when you see people struggling and screaming out at the top of their lungs and only going down an inch. LOL.

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    • Can't stand the loud grunters. F-ing hate that. You know they're doing it for the attention
    • The dudes that pose in the mirror like there's a contest going on right now. Tools.
    • The guy that uses 3 stations at once, doing a circuit between them all. Pretty much just flat out rude.
    • The guys that wear the tightest , shortest clothes possible. 90% of the people in there are other guys, we don't want to see your sack as you pick up that weight.

    LOL that's pretty much it for me. I've been lifting for 15 years and while, I'm not huge, I'm a pretty decently built guy but there's just guys in there just drive me up a wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie View Post
    people who stare at themselves in the mirror.
    I look at myself in the mirror after giving myself muscle failure, just because that's when I usually give myself a quick glance.
    And I hate those people who come in groups and just have one person working out, the others don't even spot and they just laugh and try to make the other person that's lifting laugh. I swear, I saw some guy almost drop 155 lbs. on himself while benching cause his friends were doing that.
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    Well, I had a long post written out but apparently accidentally double posted then deleted everything.

    Anyway- the only thing that gets me is when people don't pick up their mess. Put the weights up when you are done. Please.

    Other than that everything else is totally understandable. I'm a bit of a grunter myself, and I've been caught checking myself out in the mirror. There are people that grunt for the attention, sure, but most do it to get that last bit of effort out. Plus, I started out my life of fitness with karate and TKD, so it comes natural to me! I don't see why these things should bother other people.

    Also, I do understand why people circuit train between machines. There really is nothing wrong with that and they are doing it for a purpose, not to be jerks or annoy you. Though, from my experience everyone I've ever met or talked to in the gym has been overly nice.
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    People who stop and watch me, rather than complete their workout.

    I may look like a freak to you, but I trained long and hard to get there, you can too.

    And for people who have a problem with grunting/yelling/screaming, etc, deal with it, sometimes it is whats needed to go to the next level
    I scream on heavy squat days, occasionally roar on my deadlifts, it's not for attention, it's engaging the full power of my abdominals in the lift!

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    People who don't rerack their dumbbells or their EZ curl bars.


    Honestly, the most impressive thing you can do with a 100lb dumbbell is put it back on the rack when you're finished with it.

    Yes, I'm mad, bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blabber View Post
    People who stop and watch me, rather than complete their workout.

    I may look like a freak to you, but I trained long and hard to get there, you can too.

    And for people who have a problem with grunting/yelling/screaming, etc, deal with it, sometimes it is whats needed to go to the next level
    I scream on heavy squat days, occasionally roar on my deadlifts, it's not for attention, it's engaging the full power of my abdominals in the lift!
    I have no problem with people who yell and scream with heavy weight. But every single person who does is doing horrible form and not going even close to all the way down. You're just cheating yourself. They have the nerve to scream and swear after like they're the shit when in fact people are looking at them thinking, do it right or shut the fuck up. Anyone can lift a lot of weight and move an inch. Get what I'm saying?

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    Ugh... so today I was working on a cable machine doing a one arm reverse fly, and some guy walked into my arm. made me lose my balance and drop the cable. could have easily caused serious injury to me.

    So... new peeve: people who walk into me while I'm working out. That's the only time it's ever happened though. I don't think he did it on purpose, but the staff asked him to leave.

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    -When I joined my gym, they offered a 1 hour "consultation" with a trainer, so I took them up on it, figured I'd at least get a little bit of info to get me started. Basically the entire time was spent trying to peddle their plans, (anywhere from $160-$480 a month, fuck that) and spent the rest of the time implying that I'd never get anything done if I didn't.

    -All the fucking people there when I get out of work. I picked a place close to my work so I wouldn't have to make a special trip back out again later. Unfortunately this seems to be the time every hypo for 3 towns around piles in to walk at 2 miles an hour, before getting in their cars and driving the 100 yards to the Dunkin Donuts and/or pizza shop that also occupy the parking lot. Normally I can't even see the gym from where I'd have to park, which tells me that I'm not even going to be able to get in the door. FML there.

    -Walking into the locker room and seeing a guy wearing nothing but a banana hammock, flexing in the sink mirror while his "friend" watches. Got greeted with that lovely scene the other day.
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    lol these comments makes me want to go to the gym, i cant cause i dont have a car so i do it at home

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