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    DK starting set = great transmog for a monk

    Am I the only one that thinks the DK starting set would be a great look for monks?

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    Uh yes.

    Yes you are.

    It doesn't look monk-like in slightest.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViridianWRA View Post
    Uh yes.

    Yes you are.

    It doesn't look monk-like in slightest.
    Unless you wanna be a badass monk.
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    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    Ok, fine let me be more specific. It would look good, if recolored. I'm just a fan of the minimal-shoulders, robed look. Not these dramatic sets they've given us in MoP. Don't even get me started on our CM set...

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    I planned to play MoP as a monk DK. Give me that and you can have your monk dk set!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    Death Monk?
    Monk Knight?

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