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    Turtle/Dragon mount

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    that looks awesome
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    Sounds like a euphemism for real life. We throw money at the rich, in hopes that we will someday be rich, and then we get hookers to piss on us. That's what trickle down economics really is.

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    Jewelcrafting mount?

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    The mount collector in me is so excited for this!
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    since I'm a DK, I don't understand
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    I remember a guy like you who used to go around forcing his beliefs on others. He started up a few camps in Germany back in the 40s and it didn't turn out well for him in the end.

    Let this be a warning to you.

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    Jewelcrafting mount?
    Pretty sure it's Pandaren mount.

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    Never mind.
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    Stand up. You jut defeated gravity.

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    Want. Sweet baby Raptor Jesus, pretty neat.
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    As a warlock, allow me to be the first to say that I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching fear pathing take you to Africa.
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    Twinking is like going back to school when you are 30, just to be smarter than the other kids.

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    That is one pissed off looking Turtle. I approve

    Hope it's the Pandaren faction mount. It's fun, but I hope it stays Pandaren only in that case. Would be weird to work up faction rep with the Pandaren that actually leave their home to join YOU just so we can get a mount.

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    Giant picture is giant, still looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to add this to my measly collection of 74.
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    Gief... Now... Plox... =P

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    Looks awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    mounting this lets you walk on water... woah.

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    Hopefully I will get more shots of the new mounts soon.

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    if the wowdb tool tip is correct for the turtle dragon then id say its not a drop its a purchased mount from a rep vendor due to it first requiring level 70 and 2nd having a vendor price of 750g

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    I'm surprised the model's implemented already. Or at least close to done.

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    on that note.

    Epic Version looks even better
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    It would seem Alliance get a new panther mount (no model)

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