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    BM Hunter Raid Consumables and other?

    Hey Im Starting to get into Raiding and i want to know what should i bring with me to help me in my raid?

    Example: Healing potions,Best Food,anything that will help my dps, and other.

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    Flask of Spring Blossoms for agility. Sauteed Carrots give +250 agility, but there's a 300 one and i don't know it yet.
    Also, fill in your raid composition here (takes 1 min): http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/
    You will then see which buffs/debuffs are missing, which you can fill in with a pet
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    Get the Raid Checklist Addon for seeing what buffs/debuffs are missing. Far easier to see it ingame and have it done automatically than to use raid comp website tools which require manually adding your whole raid.

    You will probably need to go with the +250 agi food until you can level up the Way of the Wok or the market gets a bit more saturated, as right now the +300 one is probably insanely expensive (even the +275 agi one probably is).

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    For food, I use Valley Stir Fry. It's not too hard to acquire the mats (Reef Octopus and Wildfowl Breast) and gives 275 agi.

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