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    How to avoid posting in the wrong game forum

    Some of you might go to MMO-Champion and see an interesting topic on the front page. I've noticed that some people are answering questions in the Guild Wars 2 section with World of Warcraft answers recently. So here's how you avoid that. You simply just push the filter button and remove that forum from popping up on the front page. Simple as that.

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    Did not know. Thanks.

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    Someone's working hard for their Momma's Little Helper badge, isn't that so?

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    We appreciate the help, but I don't believe it is necessary to create a thread in the WoW General Discussions forum describing how to filter forum information. We're here to fix things when people do make mistakes, and sadly, a thread like this will eventually be lost and just clutter things up.

    But thank you for the initiative.

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