View Poll Results: Best horde Priest race?

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  • Orc

    6 3.80%
  • Undead

    34 21.52%
  • Tauren

    3 1.90%
  • Troll

    35 22.15%
  • Blood elf

    43 27.22%
  • Goblin

    37 23.42%
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    Goblin is probably the best, but I love my arcane torrent :3

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    I'm in love with Orcs as a poll choice, it really made me doublethink it.

    In any case, Gob for Shadow, Troll for Heals.. Usually.

    I haven't gotten any Gobbos high enough to matter, but I Can see the Rocket Boots being really nice in PvP, I know my sister loves her Gobbo priest.

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    orc? 3 votes? lmao

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    PvP: Undead (WotF between trinkets are awesome)
    PvE: Blood Elf (Torrent for extra mana)

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    PVE - Troll (Beserk is mathematically stronger than the golbin racial if kept on CD. Coupled with the fact its 'on use', more and more raid encounters have times of increased dmg)

    PVP - Undead (extra trink yes plox)

    Essentially the benefits are neglegable, as has already been said - play what suits you =)

    EDIT: All female priest should be blood elves due to their extremely hot backsides... errr I mean arcane torrent.. yeah torrent.

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    When it comes to looks Undead priest is by far the best. PvP I would go for Goblin

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    Poor Tauren, maybe someday we'll get a throughput racial.

    My 85 Priest is a Goblin, but I'd say Blood Elf if you're planning to be a healer.

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    Also remember that trolls get a beast slaying bonus. It doesn't matter in current end-game, but with MOP around the corner, a troll may pull way ahead if any of the new raid bosses are beasts.

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    PvP: Undead > Blood Elf > Goblin/Troll > Tauren
    PvE: Troll > Goblin > Bood Elf > Tauren > Undead
    Looks: Undead > All (imo)

    I disagree with Yilar (above me) Troll is far superiour for healing. The haste racial is amazing. In fact, Troll is the best for min/max DPS and Healing on the Horde side. Goblin is a close second in terms of DPS.
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