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    Looking for Paladins streaming MoP

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some people with beta access to stream content with their Paladin from 85 to 90.
    Is any of you have an adress or something to share with everyone ?

    Can't wait to have my own access

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    Im looking for them too, anyone?

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    Gonne give this a bump would be intrested in watching a pala stream to pref retri but any thing is better then nothing

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    Any Holy vids out there? Mainly with the dungeons would be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagi View Post
    twitch. tv/eloderung
    thankyou, seems to be offline atm tho
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

    If you die you die but if you don't die you still die.

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    I plan on doing some livestreaming on my pally main once I get in the beta.

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    Post here, when you're online please.

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    Will do. I might livestream some other stuff beforehand (like a while ago with some random LoL matches, with 0 viewers of course lol). Here's my livestream page:
    twitch. tv/pa1kia

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