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    Noob Ret Paladin help please

    I just started building up Ret set to pvp with. This is my first time playing a ret. I think I have the rotation down, Use Crusader Strike to build up Holy Power to use Templar's Verdict. While Crusader strike isn't up Templar's verdict procs>Crusader>Judgement>Avenging Wrath. I am wondering If I use inquisition at all? Thanks

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    You should get 2 t13 so your Judgement gives an extra holy power, and also, yes, you should use inq

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    Yes, keep Inquisition always up. It's +30% damage or something, a lot though. A good start would be to do a short Inquisiton with just 1 HP, then build up the long 3 HP Inquisition Buff while that 1 HP short Inquisition is up.

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