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    Protection in MoP

    Where do you think it's at?

    Good, Bad, Okay or just the same as HoT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daredalus View Post
    Where do you think it's at?

    Good, Bad, Okay or just the same as HoT?
    The beta is still pretty early, so I'll hold off on being too critical. But so far...I'm a bit underwhelmed at the talent tree as it pertains to Prot. Just doesn't seem to be a lot there.

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    I like what their doing with warriors and druids. Their giving them short term defensive buffs that cost 60 rage. With us it seems like were getting a new defensive sort of inquisition with SoR, sacred shield, and eternal flame. Both of these buffs last for 30 secs, our short term defensive buffs being WoG of course, and we get a new damage/buff that combines SoR with holy shield. The mechanics on WoG are good, we have a reactive heal that we can use after heavy damage and not worry about loosing our holy power stacks while waiting. However, the rest of Holy power using abilities just seem like buffs that we need to refill one they expire. Obviously I want to keep my SoR buff up, and I want to keep my Sacred Shield up (assuming you chose Sacred Shield) 100% of the time.

    I liked the idea of having inquisition for aoe versus SoR for burst threat, its sort of a situational thing that you learn with time. Of course as of now we are loosing inquisition. Of course we are gaining a repetitive consecrate that has a 9 sec cooldown and 9 sec duration. Aoe threat seems like it will be sort of on a repetitive rotation again similar to WOTLK. Rage tanks will definitively be in total control of threat and mitigation, I feel like we are not really going forward with our control. I think Prot paladins should get Inquisition, and id rather they do away with sacred shield/eternal flame and just buff either inquisition or wog for that skill tree.

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