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  • BH - Mako, Gault, Blizz, Torian, Skadge

    22 26.51%
  • IA - Kaliyo, Scorpio, Doc Lokin, Vector, Raina

    11 13.25%
  • JC - Qyzen, Tharan, Zenith, Iresso, Nadia

    5 6.02%
  • JK - T7, Kira, Doc, Rusk, Scourge

    7 8.43%
  • SI - Khem, Andronikos, Ashara, Talos, Xalek

    10 12.05%
  • SW - Vette, Pierce, Quinn, Jaesa, Broonmark

    15 18.07%
  • SM - Riggs, Bowdaar, Risha, Akaavi, Guss

    6 7.23%
  • TR - Aric, Elara, M1-4X, Tanno, Yuun

    7 8.43%
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    Favorite Companion Group

    So which set of companions if your fav? I voted SI because Khem is just so damned evil, and our healer is freaking british!

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    IA: Nothing beats Doctor Lokin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    our healer is freaking british!
    What's wrong with that?

    The accent is English, by the way. Not British.

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    I really like the smuggler companions. Usually I dislike at least a couple companions for each class, but I like all my smuggler ones. They each have a great personality, and have interesting stories. People tend to hate on Corso, but he's awesome imo. He has the cocky smuggler attitude, which I like.

    Sith Warrior has the worst set imo. The only ones I like are Vette, and Jaesa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlocke View Post
    What's wrong with that?

    The accent is English, by the way. Not British.
    Seeing as I listed it as a reason I liked that group....

    English and british are the same thing.

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    English and british are the same thing.
    Except they're not. There isn't such a thing as a 'British' accent.

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    I get the point of making a distinction between calling an accent British or English, but please lets not get side tracked here

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    I haven't leveled all the classes yet to get all the companions, but I seriously think people are underestimating the awesomeness that is 4x (trooper companion).

    Some of the dead pan responses are awesome, and even the fact he is a droid he has one of the best personalities in the game (IMO)

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    BH gets Blizz. Blizz > all others.

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    I have experienced Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter not sure which I like the most. There is someone in all groups that I dislike.

    With SI, I found Ashara annoying. She follows a Sith Lord but still refuses to leave her Jedi teachings(unlike Jeasa for Sith Warrior). She was a padiwan when she joined the group, but calls herself a Jedi. But she get super mad when other Jedi's don't see her that way. For me it's pretty obvious since she didn't fulfill her training.
    I love Khem and Xalek. They want to kill everything.

    With SW I never liked Vette. Since I play deep dark side, and highly respect the Empire she dislike everything I say. I fell in love with Quinn irl, after a conversation about his dislike for Vette. Pierce has a sexy voice. Jeasa is just awesome.

    With BH, I found Gault pretty annoying... and Skadge. Gault just rather take the easy way out, Skadge is just rude.
    I play my BH light side, which work good with Mako. Blizz is just hilarious and Torian had the most romantic proposal of all 3 classes I've leveled.

    I think I'll go with Sith Warrior.

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    SW just because of Jaesa. Dark Side that girl is HOT!
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    I did a horrible job gearing Jaessa and have pretty much stuck with Quinn for questing heals. But I agree w/ Brave Sir Robin, Rachael Leigh Cook doin' the Dark Side bad girl thing... hot!

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    I have yet to get to end game with her, but I do love my SI team. Khem is my favourite so far (Especially after the Legacy quest twist.) and Andronikus is voice by a great voice actor. Recently started a dark side Bounty Hunter, and I must say her and Mako never really see eye-to-eye. Seems a bit odd to me that the first Bounty Hunter companion is so... nice. I like Corso so far, he and my Smuggler really get on well.
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    Well, I'd say Warrior or Inq. Vette+Light Sided J / Niko and Ashara are just awesome. Blizz may be better than all four though, lol.

    All the evil companions annoy me, especially Khem. Ugly and annoying, bad combo. Xalek is at least somewhat decent looking. Broonmark is as bad, if not worse than Khem, but I liked Pierce. Talos is pretty neat, and really meshed with the ending I took on my SI.

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    I actually voted for a group without any of my favourite companions in it - as a whole, I like the Consular group but I'm not particularly keen on any of the individual characters within it (except possibly Holiday - she rocks ). I moderately like all of them tho, as opposed to loving some & hating others.

    BH: Mako's genuinely lovely & Bliz is priceless, but I hate Skadge's guts and want to throw him out the airlock. I was really looking forward to shooting him later in the Belsavis plotline until I realised he was my final dude. And I don't get why exactly I didn't shoot Gault in the first place... I pride myself on performing all my contracts to the letter, and suddenly on my most important contract yet (at that time), I just randomly decide to conspire to let him off? WTF? I need to shoot him for my own peace of mind. Torian is so bland I forgot him & had to edit this to mention him, despite just having been sending off missions on my BH - my biggest surprise with Torian was that he was a romance option... it'd be like flirting with a 16 year old, i'd feel unclean.

    Inquisitor: Khem is hysterically entertaining and perfectly matches how I've been playing my Assassin (although he's not as patient when it comes to causing suffering). Adronikos is kinda boring (Hi! I'm a space pirate!.. yup, that's all there is to know). Haven't really seen the others yet.

    IA: Kal is priceless (mako's evil opposite?), bugboy is close behind for hilarity, haven't got to interact with the others much cos I've only seen them via interacting with the friend I've been leveling with. I think I could really enjoy the IA dudes.

    Smuggler: Farmboy (riggs) is kinda sweet but I find him a little bland, haven't really seen the others.

    Haven't seen any of the other classes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambreene View Post
    BH gets Blizz. Blizz > all others.
    This and Mako and Gault. I don't care about Torian and Skadge, but I love the other three BH companions.

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    Scorpio is amazing, so IA.
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    I love my consular, but shitty Qyzen is more bad than tharan and nadia are good.

    Trooper ones are awesome once you get past Aric, especially Yuun and Elara.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Istaril View Post
    Except they're not. There isn't such a thing as a 'British' accent.
    That's kind of like saying there is no such thing as an American, Canadian, or Irish accent... an accent is just a speech pattern that develops in certain regions, and most people only consider it an accent if it differs in some way from how they think the language should sound... it's all english.

    OT: I haven't levelled a BH yet (waiting for 1.2 so I can make mine Sith Pureblood), but as far as I'm concerned, Jawa companion is trump.

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