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  • BH - Mako, Gault, Blizz, Torian, Skadge

    22 26.51%
  • IA - Kaliyo, Scorpio, Doc Lokin, Vector, Raina

    11 13.25%
  • JC - Qyzen, Tharan, Zenith, Iresso, Nadia

    5 6.02%
  • JK - T7, Kira, Doc, Rusk, Scourge

    7 8.43%
  • SI - Khem, Andronikos, Ashara, Talos, Xalek

    10 12.05%
  • SW - Vette, Pierce, Quinn, Jaesa, Broonmark

    15 18.07%
  • SM - Riggs, Bowdaar, Risha, Akaavi, Guss

    6 7.23%
  • TR - Aric, Elara, M1-4X, Tanno, Yuun

    7 8.43%
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    I voted SI because Khem is the best companion by far overall imo. Love that guy.

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    Voted for BH.

    Mako is probably the most useful first companion given
    Gault is sheer awesome, plus biochem crit!
    Torian has a sweet romance.
    I <3 Blizz
    Skadge is... wierd.

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    I've only played Trooper and Warrior far enough to experience the various companions. Warrior, I like most of them...Vette is likeable, Broonmark is suitably badass, Pierce has a nice tough guy aura about him(and dislikes Quinn, which is a plus), and Jaesa is decent though I could do without the constant "master I just discovered something cool with my powers!" stuff. Quinn is a douche but oh well, there's one in every group.

    Trooper wise, Aric is okay(him and Pierce seem like they'd make great squadmates actually), Elara is a bit too uptight though once you start the romance line she loosens up a bit and becomes more tolerable, Yuun is cool(but not as cool as Broonmark), 4x annoys me, and Vic I wanna throw out the airlock(truth be told as a trooper I'd rather have Pierce be my squad explosives expert than Vic, and Vic's mercenary attitude would fit in pretty well with my warrior's crew).

    My assassin only has Khem, who I like even if he is always threatening to kill me.

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    Having played the SI and TR, I'm going to go with SI because they strike me more as a ragtag bunch of people caught up in the same thing - which is obvious, to say the least, since troopers are part of Havoc Squad seems like wouldn't just get random people. I almost exclusively used Khem 10-50. His storyline was so cool and right now I'm hoping to get to know Xalek more since he has the look of that quiet guy who will just go insane on you. Kinda like that Simpsons episode with the Mafia and Japanese mafia, where Homer wants to see that one little guy do something, but he gets pulled inside only to hear him like crack someone's spine accompanied by some crazy warcry haha.

    All that said, I'm really interested in Yuun's story. I didn't mind Elara once she opened up (get it? ). Aric was very average and I did not like Vik. Robocop has a hilarious voice and I just can't get over his hilarious blindness for the Republic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaronicity View Post
    since troopers are part of Havoc Squad seems like wouldn't just get random people.
    We kinda did, with Vic though. He was dishonorably discharged from the military, has no loyalty to the Republic(which you'd think you'd want the Rep's most elite spec ops team members to have, especially considering what happened to the prior incarnation of Havoc Squad), and doesn't even seem especially good at his job! He's supposed to be the "best explosives expert in the Republic", yet *I* have set, disarmed, and fired more explosives than he does! Near as I can tell, all he did was fire a missile, and he was only able to do THAT after I had disabled all the ground based anti-missile systems...

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    Trooper's get 4X, all other choices are invalid. Vette does get some points for reminding me of Mission though.
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    Having taken a BH and a Sith Warrior to 50, and collected most of the companions for SI, but only Kaliyo for IA. So, I think I have a decent feel for Imperial companions.

    By a LONG way my favorite group is the BH. Mako is a freaking awesome healer a low level BH. Then by the time you (if powertech) get Torian, you should be durable enough to handle most damage with self heals. Torian adds a nice punch with his DPS and can hold aggro on some groups. Blizz? He's hilarious to me, so enthusiastic and can help tank large groups. Gault? He started becoming useful to me when I hit 50 and started gearing him. Even Skadge is fun to have around. Both Blizz and Skadge would be great tanking companions for a Merc. They're not super useful to me as a PT, but I like the option of keeping them around for some fights.

    SW companions are good. I leveled mine as a juggernaut, so the dps and heals of Vette/Jaesa/Quinn were important to me. Vette is a good ranged dps, when geared. Quinn better at heals, but decent ranged. Pierce was a liability to me in most fights, even after getting geared. Broonmark as loyal as Blizz but not as useful except to back up a Maruader. Jaesa a tad creepy at times but good melee dps.

    As for IA companions and SI companions, Khem is a good (when geared) tanking companion but is a bit squishy so needs a fair amount of healing. Tried IA 2x and just can't level one beyond 24 or 25, so Kaliyo is my only companion. She's interesting to say the least. If going Dark side seems to be a really fun companion to have around.

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    BH, for me, is the best. I agree with the other people that I hate Gault's guts. He's really, really annoying. Haven't picked up Skadge yet, but Blizz is amazing. Seeing a little Jawa reversal grapple to something and fly across the screen is hilarious.

    After that, probably SI. Khem is a beast. He's probably my favorite companion behind Blizz. I never really found a use for Xalek, but his attitude is rather like Khem's. Talos is annoying and Ashara was a total twat until you get her to about 4k-5k affection. Andronikos is my favorite DPS pet. I've even used him to tank a few 4 person heroics as a healer. Granted I was about 3 levels ahead of some of them, but still.
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    I have mixed feelings. beta I thought IA/Smuggler would be the best. IA is all right but not what I'd hoped. I wish SCORPIO was sooner. Bug guy is rather meh. Okin is okay. I got with Temple but she's a bit too cheery. I like Smuggler all right so far, but I can't stand Corso. Each class seems to have a few DUDS. T7 is a definite dud, but I like all the other JK ones. especially Kira.

    still don't what all the fuss about Blizz is. Mako is nice, and I actually think Gault is cool. I'm surprised people don't like him? he's got wit and humor, which I prefer over another shoot first personality.

    SI, is kind of an odd group. I liked Khem more before the end of act 1, he's still pretty cool though. the old archaeologist guy I don't like much so far.

    maybe it gets better but the JC group is the most off. I haven't gotten the last 2 yet though.

    Some groups seem to flow better together. I'd probably say SW/JK, maybe IA top 3 so far.
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    So far I've been able to experience all of the BH, 4/5 Inquisitor, and Kaliyo.

    Female LS BH: Mako (with her companion quests and everything) just works out so well. You get ingrained in her story. I enjoy Gault, a bit of snark is nice to hear. Blizz is just great, and I swear when I switch him to another companion, when he says "bye bye" or something like that, he says "Arriba!". Torian was a nice fit, being as the BH story kind of makes you a Mandalorian. Skadge is an asshat though.

    Male LS Inq: Khem seems to get pretty cool as his story wears on. Andronikos is kinda dull (not to mention only bringing DPS...). Ashara is nice, though I'd like for some of her summon/desummon speech to change once the relationship starts, you know the "I hope I haven't displeased you" thing. The ever-chipper Talos is hilarious, and I like responding to his summon "Is there a tomb to explore?" with "Yeah, your mom."

    Male DS IA, Kaliyo is just full of win.

    I think I have to go BH though.

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    I only have BH and IA

    My favorite main comp(one you get first) is ofc Kalyo, utility wise Mako is better, but history wise Kalyo is just win her voice and personality its just well done, Also Scorpio one of the best comps and very underrated totaly inspired on Glados from Portal

    Got disappointed with Blizz being tank since Iam playing a PT, a tank companion is useless to me, also Cadera is boring and Skadge is really obnoxious

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    I loved the trooper companions, probably because they arn't just companions, but also members of your squad.

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