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    Tanking HoT in 353

    Would you do this? I dont have much experience in them, i did them once or twice on my healer and that's about it. I personally am unsure wether my gear is good enough but blizzard have decided that they'll randomly give me the chance to get in there when i queue up. Have any of you tanked it at this ilvl or was you already geared by the time they came out?


    My armory if it helps

    Would appreciate any advice! I can't think of any upgrades i can get outside of heroics, where i'll have the chance of being put in a HoT (I'm working on the TB trinket)

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    I did it on my warrior so it's definitely doable on a paladin.
    Equipped ilvl was 352 or so... healer had to be awake for some pulls and I had to use my cds and stuns properly but overall was no problem.

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    You'll probably get flak for being undergeared by the random elitist, but it's definitely doable. As Dri said, make sure you rotate CDs regularly and you should make it through alright provided your healer is half decent.
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    as soon as i had the exact ilvl requirement, i did it fine, mind you the healer was pretty geared and said "dont queue again until you get better gear". Which is fine since I still had some blue (non 346 / 85) and some dps plate from ZG (reforged into mastery).

    Just try it, it will make you be a better tank overall as you will need to think fast and use cooldowns when needed.

    Good luck and have fun! After all, it's only a game

    edit: you have better gear than i did also use askmrrobot.com for reforge/enchant/gem optimization.
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