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    <Mind Games>Illidan-H 70US 25m LFM exceptional ranged DPS for MoP ~Mon-Thur 7-11 CST~

    Real ID: [email protected]

    What is <Mind Games> ?
    <Mind Games> is a 25m Horde guild on Illidan that has routinely been in the top 100 US status, raiding with each other through different tags dating back to The Burning Crusade years ago. We plan on continuing this level of excellence throughout Mists of Pandaria. Below you can find what we are looking for in our raiders. If you fit the bill, please apply today!

    Current progression:
    T12: Top 60 US 25m
    T13: Top 70 US 25m

    What we're looking for:
    TANK SPOT OPEN! (Prefer a Warrior) ~ Mage ~ Spriest ~ Hunter ~ Lock ~ Boomy ~ Enh Sham ~ CAT ~ Disc/Holy Priest

    We are always looking to increase our roster with exceptional players! Please do not hesitate to fill out an application if your specific class is not listed above. If you consider yourself to be a top caliber player and consistently tend to out preform others on your realm/guild, I definitely suggest posting an application.
    Our Dragon Soul run takes place Tuesday at 7CST.
    Below is a list of what we are currently selling.


    -8/8 25man Heroic Full clear with Madness Title and any available gear: 375k
    Gold must be given to an officer before the run starts, nonrefundable.

    -8/8 25man Heroic Full clear with Madness Title and any available gear excluding Madness weapons: 300k
    Gold must be given to an officer before the run starts, nonrefundable.
    (You have the option of buying the Madness weapons for 150k)

    Contact Xagero or Validuz in game for individual item prices.

    If you are interested please contact an officer in game!
    Out of raid:
    Our roster isn't full of boring raid hermits. Outside of raid we host multiple GDKP runs, 10m alt raids, RBGs, Achievement and Mount runs! Some of us even play LoL!

    Loot System:
    <Mind Games> uses a loot council system. Loot is distributed through the officers. We base our decisions off of overall performance, attendance, attitude and recent loot gained.

    Raid times are as follows:
    Monday 7:00-11:00 (CST)
    Tuesday 7:00-11:00 (CST)
    Wednesday 7:00-11:00 (CST)
    Thursday 7:00-11:00 (CST)

    How to apply:
    Visit and follow directions there.
    You can contact Thornie, Ganova or Sikonos if you are interested in applying. Thanks for your time! Hope to be in touch!
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    LF solid Huntard

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    Keep those apps coming!

    Still LF the right Hunt/Boomy for us

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    Could really use an exceptional Hunter / Boomy / Lock

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    still lfm ranged dps

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    Lfm exceptional ranged dps!


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    still lfm peps!

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    If your an exceptional hunter LF front row seats for MoP progression check out

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    wtb hunt/lock!

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    still lfm a hunt/lock

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    wtb a lock / hunt

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    keep those apps coming!

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    really need a top parsing hunter

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    wtb more exceptional players

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    wtb solid hunt/lock/boomy

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    lfm solid peps, comon!

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    Comon! Still lfm exceptional players with an interest

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