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    Haste for monks

    Anyone know how good haste will be for monks?

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    It's way to early for number crunching. However we can speculate priorities.

    Brewmasters are tanks and tanks don't want haste. Done.

    Windwalkers would probably benefit from crit and mastery more than haste as their mastery gives you a free attack proc and all dps love crit.
    Grants an 11% chance for Jab to cause your next Tiger Palm to cost no Chi, or your next Blackout Kick to cost no Chi and be usable on targets regardless of their health percentage. Each point of Mastery increases the chance by an additional 1.4%.

    Mistweavers will probably only benefit from haste up to a plateau like Druids currently do on live at 2005 haste, then be essentially useless from that point on, preferring crit or mastery depending on your healing assignments. This is only if the tick speed of Soothing Mists and Renewing Mists is affected by haste to the degree that Druid's hots are, which they should. Mastery would probably be the stat to go for after you're haste softcapped as Mistweavers have massive raid heals and the mastery gives another free heal to proc at a pretty high rate.
    You have a 25.5% chance when you heal to summon a Solace Sphere nearby an injured ally. Each point of Mastery increases the chance to summon a Solace Sphere by an additional 3%.
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    windwalker :
    Mastery will most likely be the most powerful stat since it gives a chance to get free abilities.
    Haste will probably be the second best stat for windwalkers if it affects energy regeneration.
    Crit will be slightly behind because of Muscle Memory : you gain 1% to crit with Jab for each Jab you do, stacks 100 times, this means by the end of the fight you'll be almost crit cap on Jab which devaluates crit. In addition, agi gives a lot of base crit.

    That said, they stated multiple times that they want secondary stats to be more potent than they are in Cata AND really close to each other. I don't know if they'll succeed in doing so but if they do it's gonna depend a lot on boss fights/mechanics.

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    Also note that agi classes have a lot of base crit, which tends to reduce the value of crit slightly.

    At this point, we have no damned idea. However, my speculation:

    Mastery and Haste both increase the number of actions you have to perform to play correctly. Blizzard normally rewards these mechanics, however, sometimes they can end up clashing- for instance, when globals become the limiting reagent.

    Monks don't have anything based on critting that I see, and they have a talent that might make them crit more with their builder, reducing the value of crit rating a bit.

    Who knows!

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    My guess is haste for Windwalkers will be up to par with haste for rogue/feral. It'll give you faster attack speed (obviously) and increase energy regen. Not sure how good it'll be but I'm guessing it to atleast be better then crit. Clueless on mistweaver and I'm almost sure it'll be useless for brewmasters.

    Could be the other way around ofcourse, we know next to nothing about monks tbh.

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    someone needs to create a simulator for windwalkers lol

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