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    Season 12 pvp set models :(

    Could just be me, but our new *druid* pvp set looks... tacky (not that it matters a great deal).
    I'll be xmogging it as soon as I buy it, what about you guys?
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    Looks like a tribute in memory of Thorns. You will always be in our hearts situational-borderline useless spell :<

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    I prob transmog it right away as well but keep in mind that its the first tier of the expansion and those usually looks really crappy.

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    ... I love transmog even more now.

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    so fing bad...... thank god for transmorging!!!!

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    mogging it for sure yes... but I would prolly have done it anyway

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    What are we mogging to?
    I'll be using the level 84ish green leather set from questing in twilight highlands :P

    ps @Xray, that's not true! Look at s1, or s5... both were reasonably decent looking sets! Infact I might be farming honour for the s5/6 set soonish!


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    Season 1 is ok, but I guess I'm tired of seeing it for so many years :P
    But s5 is really ugly at least in my opinion. At least S9 looks better than s5 but is still not a good looking set imo.

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