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    The most epic place doesn't exist yet.

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    My favorite place in WoW is probably Ulduar, the best raid they have made IMO.(I Cleared all Raid content while it was current from Vanilla - Cataclysm)

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    Anything in Northrend. Especially Dalaran. Wotlk is, and forever will be my favorite xpac.
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    Honestly, I'm surprised no one mentionned it, but Vashj'ir is one of the most beautiful zones I've ever seen in WoW, especially the kelp'thar forest and the shimmering Expanse.

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    Back when I had my crap computer, I didn't make much of Coldarra...but when I updated and flew over there on Ultra settings, it's quite beautiful seeing all that energy shooting out of the nexus up into the sky. I love it there.

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    Eye of Eternity.

    Beautiful skies really do it for me. While Outlands has its fair share of them it can't compete with the simplicity of EoE. And yes, I like it even better than Algalon's room.
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    with MoP out, is there any particular area that might be worth putting in this thread?
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    The pathway leading to Vezax's room filled with the shattered and floating stained glass pictures is pretty awesome imo. His room itself is very cool too.

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    old blackrock mountain

    The significance and scope and the lore and the dungeons inside and the look on my face when I first saw the giant rock over lava suspended midair with chains were EPIC.
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    Though choice, but here are a few of my favorites:
    Raids: Ulduar, ICC, Karazhan
    Zones: Deepholme for the crazy ass colors or Howling Fjord because I think it's extremely diverse and quite beautiful
    Cities: They were all pretty epic the first time through them, but I still think Thunder Bluff is pretty cool

    If I had to pick one particular place, though, I'd probably pick Algalon's room or the outside of ICC.

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    idk if its been said, but that arean between mulgore and stonetalon where all teh critters have axes and shotguns wins it...

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    walking into ulduar, seeing the whole area and with the music blasting. not going to lie i got a lil hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    with MoP out, is there any particular area that might be worth putting in this thread?
    Kun Lai Summit.
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    Vash'jir amazed me with how beautiful it was the first time I went there.

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    sholozar basin. done.

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    Lions Inn in Goldshire, on MoonGuard.

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    Ulduar, specifically Algalon's room.

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    Grizzly Hills

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    watching this video still gives me chills

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    Nagrand. No doubt about it.
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