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    Karazhan especially the library room

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    Way to many epic places in this game to recall right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selxxa View Post
    Algalon's room, no argument.
    Yep, same for me.

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    Pre-Cata Shadowfang Keep and well all of Silverpine too.

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    Blackrock Depth

    Will be missed ~

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    for me personally its all of black temple, but specifically the outdoor hallways/corridors its been awhile and dont really care to check but its only because it was my first raid and i was mindfucked throughout the whole thing.

    when i still played i would sometimes go to outland and fly around the whole continent ending up at nagrand when it was either dawn or dusk and set up camp on this specific floating island near the northern zone entrance/exit and just take it all in. oddly enough the close second(or should i say third in this case) would have to blade's edge, something about that zone and questing in it(yeh i know) is just so unique. It simply had the best atmosphere to look at unless u were high and in zangermarsh

    WoW got it right with great zones especially the scale of them(scaled great as u gained access to mounts/flying mounts)
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    Falling off the branches on Teldrassil was a pretty epic place/moment when I first started. Other then that I have always loved Moonglade and the Isle of Quel'Danas as epic places go... not to mention the elite areas of Shadowmoon.

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    The lich king's throne.

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    Eversong Woods with silvermoon City.
    Mulgore with Thunder Bluff.
    Grizzly Hills.

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    tauren starting zone and teh music

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    I always loved when you arrived to Howling Fjord (Alliance side) on the boat through the canyon and you can just tell something great is coming, then you come upon Northrend.

    Also when I arrived at Fort Wildervar in Howling Fjord. I love the snow/grass mix. I'm big on Norse settings in video games, so can also imagine how awesome it was to just walk around in Skyrim.

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