So my guild just started killing heroic maddness about a week ago and tonight is our 2nd kill however I feel like my dps should be better. I have read the tips and POV for ret on that fight I just feel i could be doing better. On the last platform we are still alittle chaotic and don;t have that down in stone with the blood reaching him so im kinda all over the place there but durring the the rest of the fight i feel i should be higher HELP TIPS only thing i can tell is not having BLF hurts me really bad since we do not have many things that proc spell weave anyway take a look for me?????????


Logs----- I am Calcutta not the other ret he out gears me though by about 4 ilvls but still-----

thanks for all the help!!

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You can delete , I put it under the fix my dps thread thanks