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    Thumbs up [H] 1 night/week, 4/8 H, <TFA> alt run LF heals/DPS


    <TFA> is the leading progression guild on the US-Bronzebeard server, and we're looking for a few warm bodies to fill out our alt run, as some of the people that run it with us no longer have time for it. This run is perfect for those who would like to raid heroic content on a one night per week schedule. We currently have an openings for a DPS and a healer.

    Guild Name - The Feral Aggressors (alt run)
    Raid Days/Times - Saturday 8-11pm PST, with a little flexibility for the end time
    Recruitment Needs - 1 healer and 1 DPS
    Contacts: Contact me (Naihan) on Bronzebeard Horde, or any of my alts: Klaes, Aidra, or Kilzaga.

    Current Raid Progression:
    Alt run: 4/8 Heroic - Morchok (pre-nerf), Yorsahj (pre-nerf), Ultraxion (5% nerf), Warmaster Blackhorn (10% nerf)

    I case you're interested, here's our main run's progression:
    8/8 H Dragon Soul (Realm First! Deathwing, kill date: 2/28/12, meta-mount as well)
    7/7 H Firelands (including meta-mount)
    13/13 H tier-11 (including meta-mount and the "I Can't Hear You Over..." achievement)
    Finished Cataclysm ranked US #29 for achievements (10 and 25 man), and US #74 for 10-man progression.
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