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    Unholy DK advice

    Just want to know if I need to reforge differently as i have 403 gurth'alak but I read somewhere EJ i believe that only when you have 4pc teir13 due to mastery proc.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated, btw I dont have the epic gems cant afford em been away from game for 3 months only just come back last week and moved server and leveled up my dk and got him geared in just over 2 days so cant complain

    Wont let me post link for armory yet but my char is called bane orc dk on draenor

    Thanks peace out!

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    For one, stop reforging to expertise as unholy, its worthless.

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    There are stat weights for unholy with gur'thalak in there. take those numbers, plug them in on wowreforge.com and profit

    If I remember correct, the stat priority is Haste>Crit>Mastery but with Gurthalak it changes to Haste>Mastery>Crit.

    Also, you can drop the expertise, it's not needed, and you are below the hit cap. Fix those.
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    aye i know what your saying that wasnt updated from last night sorry, I reforged slightly exp for pvp and it cant have updated and cause i am hit capped i will check now tho and refresh armory

    so check back in few mins

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    and another think i struggle with wow reforge understanding it but i dont rate askmrrbot or drrobot as i call him haha! but il give wow reforge a shot

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