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    What should I improve? Prot Pala

    Hi, I'm currently playing a prot offspec casually and I'm wondering where should I go for upgrading my gear.

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Razail/simple - My char

    I need to know a couple of things.

    1) What trinket should I use?:
    Veil of Lies from Hour of Twilight (378ilevel 575 stam/dodge proc trinket)
    Resolve of Undying from Spine raid finder (780 dodge)

    I'm not CTC capped, in fact with the resolve trinket full I'm about 6% below it.

    2) What should I upgrade with my VP?:
    Tank ring
    Tank cloak.

    I know which enchants and gems to upgrade.

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    its more like ur 1% under CTC, 5% miss of the mob.
    i`d use the Veil of lies, better to have a good stamina pool and the proc makes up the missing dodge from the deathwing trinket.

    and i guess ring is the item to upgrade first, since its still 359. thus giving you the moste increase of stats. and you should get the greater gloves enchant plus head enchanct, gets you closer, if not even to CTC
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    I would first go for the ring(s) as diphji said. Then I would change the neck. The cloack/back you get for VP is something I would wait with since it's parry/expertise on it.

    Try to bring your health poll up some. 169k unbuffed is a bit low, maybe change your trinket to the Veil of Lies one.

    With the dodge stack of your trinket, you should cover CTC as your armory shows now btw.

    Oh and change 2 of your major glyphs please. Hammer of Wrath and Rebuke glyphs are not the optimal glyphs for a prot pala

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