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    Cool Tanking Hour of Twilight Heroics requirements

    Heyall! Im gearing my warrior for tanking, and i was wondering if someone could help me a little, i remember back in Wotlk we(atleast druids) here had a thread with info on where/how to get gear for tanking heroics n stuff, (which instances, what rep) etc.


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    By far the easiest way to gear up enough for the HoT Heroics is just to gather up enough JP to buy the T12 stuff and other 378 gear. If you have the gold lying around (or have another character with spare JP) you can buy the bracers which are BoE to save some time. If you have a main character which doesn't need VP any more, you can shell out for the 397 boots which will go a long way towards boosting your required ilvl to enter the Heroics.

    A general rule of thumb is as such: If you have the required item level to enter the Heroic (and this gear is APPROPRIATE - ie no DPS or PvP gear, gemmed and chanted and such) then you're more than fine to tank it. Don't worry about the expensive gems and chants till much later, the cheapy ones are fine for starter kit.
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    ehhh what? i just got back from a looong break, so i can actually buy usable items with Justice Points? am i right? cause ive been basicly just throwing them away so far. ?

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    Correct, you can buy ilvl 378 epics with JP.
    When a new tier is released the old tier's VP gear is converted into JP gear so right now the items you got from VP in 4.2 is available for JP instead.

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    yah i remember it was like that back in Wotlk, just didnt know it still existed... ffffuuuu ive been wasting my justicepoints. well, gotta hit heroics.

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    if you have the patience to farm Tol Barad dailies for rep and marks, do that! You will want to have Mirror of Broken Images in your trinket sortiment as a warrior. The trinket is still up there amongst the really top valued ones even though it's 2 tiers old.
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    I wouldn't bother with farming for MOBI unless you're really bored.

    It's a great trinket, but it's not really needed anymore and going to be useless in a couple months.

    there are 397 valor bracers too.
    You can get a 365 cloak for doing the thrall questline just south of where you port in to Mount Hyjal. there is a 397 cloak for vp which is bis (no alternatives) so that might be one of the first things you want to buy with vp
    Also a few 365 items from doing the firelands dailies (Well I wouldn't bother with these anymore either, takes way too long but 1 doing 1 day of dailies can you get boots I think)
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