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    Hunters need a nerf , we had our fun but its over..
    The only reason im playing a hunter is cause there OP and warrior's are nerf'ed to the ground but im lvling a warrior "again" and hoping they will be a playable class in MoP..
    I hope mages hunters rogues get nerfed to the ground -.-

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    Ice lance causes TRIPLE damage against frozen targets? so, every single class but mages are getting damage nerfs (assuming this isn't the low level modifiers, which it better be or mages are gonna be fotm still) :l
    edit: scratch that, rogues are getting BUFFS to their damage? oh yeah they're already globaling people at low levels, and killing in a smokebomb. yes i realize it's beta but im sensing a pattern here. Buff warlock, shaman, rogue mage, other classes get nerfs. hmmmm....
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    Priest tier 14 reminds me of rogue tier 13... minus the face mask.

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    there's an error in Trueshot Aura. It should read "Now increases melee and ranged attack power by 10%, down from 20% melee attack power, and increases the critical strike chance by 5% of all party and raid members."Bolded the Error.

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    Penance: Now has a 10 sec cooldown, up from 12 sec. Now costs 3% of base mana, up from 14%.
    Should be, Penance: Now has a 10 sec cooldown, down from 12 sec. Now costs 3% of base mana, down from 14%.

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    hunteeeeerrrrr pooooooweeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What the f**k is going on with the mana costs?!

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    Blood got nerfed...hard. They got beat like a red headed stepchild.

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    by the looks of it, elemental shamans are finally getting the buff they've needed.

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    Nice Pandaren racials. Double the Well Fed bonus = much better than any other racial in-game. Oh yeah, and instant stun. Must be nice.

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    Was the Prot warrior playstyle really so bad that they had to completely change the way it works? I'll reserve judgement on the mitigation changes, but I liked the way my warrior played.

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    The Pandaren racials make me jealous... And I can't wait to see the new hunter pet models!

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    Shaman seems to be getting some neat things. Love it.

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    Yay nerf Enhancement more please!

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    its too early to talk but still.boomkin is being buffed awesome-faster eclipses etcthen why are you buffing moonfire's duration im gonna re-apply it everytime i hit the ecplises anyway? but no buffs on insect swarm?*-i dont want to heal i want to dps. why are you dictating that boomkins should be behind other dps classes?fck that hybrid shit

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    Why would they nerf dk blood so hard

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    That's quite a list. It's going to take some time to parse through all of that for my main and alts. Nicely done MMO-C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gfiti View Post
    What the f**k is going on with the mana costs?!
    They're changing intellect, it'll no longer increase mana, every caster will have a base mana of 100k.

    And to the hunters yelling that they're getting nerfed, it's pretty obvious that the abilities that use weapon damage are getting nerfed when the weapon damage is pretty much being doubled.

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    If you think those are all nerfs to hunter class, then you seriously need to read up on how the class works better. What appears to be nerfs to many is in fact a removal of all the bandaid fixes they've done over the course of the past few patches as they're actually finally fixing some of our biggest problems.

    - Changing the attack power bonus from hawk to a percentage vs a flat number in of itself is huge for us. We've needed this for ages.

    - The increase in range from kill command is going to be a wonderful blessing to BM hunters, no longer will they be cursed to wait on the pet to arrive on target to actually dps.

    - Removal of minimum range... nuff said

    - Changing Rapid Fire to a 3 min CD vs a 5 min,... ummm hello?

    - Bestial Wrath CD cut in half - Our pets aoe now when we do

    - hunter's mark is applied to our targets automatically by many of our shots and provides a flat damage increase for all party members vs attack power which doesn't help many classes as it is now.

    - Ummmm all 5 pets out at once for a new CD.... Need a say more? I mean really.

    And that's just a few of them. The weapon damage on ranged weapons is likely to be changed, it's very early in beta. But seriously if we get to keep at least the majority of the changes incoming for us, hunter's are far from in a bad place come MoP.
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    Cool. Plenty of notes for DKs, particularly Blood, and all of them are debilitating. Tyvm for neutering my favorite tank more. I understand that they are trying to force everyone to be monks; killing off all other tank specs may be the trick to try the shiny new thing. Tank-neutering was not nearly this bad leading into WotLK for DKs.

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