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I must have a miracle computer because I get 40-60 fps almost all the time (except it dips down to like 20-25 in fleet) and I am running with high AA, most settings high and at 1920x1080. Something happened a patch or two that almost erased any video lag I had and I am running an old 2.4ghz Core2Quad Q6600 with 6 gb ddr2 and a 560 ti. Boggles my mind how these people with 6 core cpus and uber vid cards get lower frames than I do.
Similar specs to my machine. I'm running an old Quad q6700 2.67 with a Radeon 6670, a machine most would consider to be mediocre at best. I consistently get 60 fps on High settings with shadows disabled. Although I do consistently get that stutter while moving around every time the game is pulling data off the HD. Not sure if it's just the engine or my hard drive. Just a standard 7200 HDD, but it gets pretty annoying. I've yet to try the PTS.