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    Okay i know alot of posts have been about Theramores fall and why the horde would destroy it but i came across a line that i thought was very interesting on the wowpedia page under Chen Stormstout."
    During the assault of Theramore, Chen will be visiting cities of the Alliance and the Horde and also he will assist heroes such as Vol’jin and Jaina Proudmoore to liberate Theramore and protect the fledgling Horde from annihilation."
    So the Horde destroy theramore but then go to its aid? Doesnt make sence. Why destroy something then go to its aid. I know Vol'jins friendship to Thrall, but why would the darkspear come to the aid of theramore when there invading durotars southern shores.
    Anyone else think this is a wierd situation? or could the senario be that were meant to help theramore defeating a rogue group of orcs who are under command of Garrosh secretly?

    The underlined part also struck me, Garrosh wants war, but it seems like Vol'jin is dead set on not going to war, as he wants to protect the Horde Thrall built.
    fledgling( an immature or inexperienced person ) They seem pretty experianced if they were able to destroy Theramore, this leads me to believe theramore is sacked by a rogue group sent by Garrosh to take Jaina out of the competition.


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    You answered your own post lol

    Vol'jin is clearly against Garrosh, and so are all the other leaders basically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottydem View Post
    You answered your own post lol

    Vol'jin is clearly against Garrosh, and so are all the other leaders basically.
    Doesnt answer why the horde would destory theramore then offer it aid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotaro View Post
    Doesnt answer why the horde would destory theramore then offer it aid
    Garrosh destroys Theramore with his Kor'Kron (Theramore is almost defenseless, the only thing that stopped the Horde from destroying it was Thrall being all buddy buddy with Jaina)

    Then Vol'jin, who is against Garrosh, aids it

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    I believe you have things mixed up. Under Thralls leadership the Horde invaded Theramore due to being attacked by Sailors and Marines. Thrall wondered why Jainas soldiers were attacking the Horde. Reason is Jaina's father Daelin took control of Theramore (or always had control) to wage war the the Horde. So they came messed things up a bit and killed Daelin (with Jainas help). Now Garrosh is in charge of the Horde and he pretty much hates anything that is not an orc or Horde (more or less).

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    Looks like WoWpedia has their quotes mixed up. The underlined bit happened during the Warcraft 3 bonus campaigns, more than 10 years ago in-game.

    Edit: This is what it's talking about:

    It has nothing to do with the expansion. Someone got their lore messed up.
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    Perhaps in the MoP pre-event the Horde destroys/takes over Theramore, leading to all the inhouse drama with some horde realising that Garrosh may be stepping over the line leading to a division with some of them working secretly against him. Then perhaps things come to a head a patch or two in with Vol'Jin outright opposing Garrosh and leading the Horde phase of the retaking of Theramore.

    This would in effect answer why Varian would work with the Horde in taking down Garrosh as opposed to trying to take over/destroy Org like he did with the Undercity.

    Or this could all be speculation based on datamining.

    Don't forget how in the Cata beta the Alliance was supposed to head back to WPL in force after the Valkyr arrive, but those quests were scrapped for whatever reason.
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    Lore mix-up there. The Chen/Horde aid up happened 10 years ago, in Frozen Throne extra campaign.

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