Disclaimer: Fellow World of Warcraft players, this is a survey I’m conducting for an academic work, where I’m proposing solutions for solving player interaction problems in Online gaming and World of Warcraft is my designated case study where the audience is assumed to have limited knowledge of the game.

While answering the survey, it is advised to mark non-paired three options, out of the six.
These surveys will be kept open for two weeks, in addition to your votes, I would appreciate your constructive criticism on the work, problem definitions and suggested solutions.

Suggested Solution: Instance Points System

Addition of a matchmaking system is suggested. The criterion of this matchmaking is to be designated correspondingly with player actions that directly affect their social interaction. The cumulative of these actions will correspond to a currency named as Instance Points, and will be modified accordingly with the very same performed actions. Accumulation of these points will only be supplied for dungeon completion whereas the reduction will be applied as the result of player actions that has negative impact on members of the group. This point system will form be the incentive for players to behave by forcefully appealing to their empathy.

Criteria Definition:
Feasibility: The solutions suggested should be applicable to the game’s available system as modifications that their effectiveness can be observed due to changes impacting players and the gameplay alike.
Sustainability: As the game progresses through major changes every 6 to 10 months, the solutions should be still effective with minor modifications done.
Acceptability: The suggested solutions should be acceptable by the development team and the majority of the playerbase as being game changing rather than being game-breaking.

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