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    Thank for all great answers guys! Cant wait to hit 85 <3
    @elleanor: You are wrong:P, go on some warlock forums and ask what to play spriest or lock and the majority will say spriest).
    Also they will go "omg we are doomed" mode :P
    I didn't mean which one is more fun or better. Was only trying to compare a spriest to other casters and affli lock came closest, as they both use lots of different dots ) the bridge between goals and accomplishments
    Quote by Jim Rohn

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    Went from Mage to Priest, while i still love my mage he doesnt come close to how i feel about my Priest <3

    Amazing class, healing with a priest is just too awesome and so versatile.
    DPS'ing as shadow is win !!

    *stands up*
    Hi im Derr Hans and im a Priest addict.

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