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    Recruiting a very skilled Shadow Priest

    Hello and sorry for posting on this thread.I've also posted on Guild Recruitment section but there's a mess going on there from all the posts and also it's apparently tough to get a good SP even on a high populated server as Twisting Nether is.

    So as the title claims we're in need of a really SKILLED Shadow Priest.Gear isn't that important(ofc 395+) but deep knowledge of your char is.Our SP left due to personal reasons and we're left like 2-3 weeks farming 7/8hc and doing madness with a random set up,reaching 2nd phase at best.So we are in need an SP for taking the 2nd impale as we're following the 1 tank/3 healers strategy and currently a rogue is doing that task,which isn't optimal.Of course your services will be needed in MoP as well.

    We are a strictly 10M HC Raiding Guild which doesn't have bench warmers.We try to have 11-12 raiders since everyone's attendance is regular and rarely will someone miss a raid.

    The guild is on Twisting Nether EU-English and it's an English Speaking Guild.

    Raiding times:Wednesday,Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday : 19:45 - 23:00 ST (That is during progression periods of course)

    If you're interested please go to: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...her/Satya+Yuga to check the guild/server
    or to
    http://satya-yuga.wowstead.com/ to make an application.

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    Posting the days and times of your raids will help

    I know a few people looking for new raiding, but that info makes a big difference. Also, as a side note it is an EU guild

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    Hey Arlee.Yeah,you're right

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    It may fit your setup better with a shadowpriest for raid buffs etc but if that can be sorted in other ways one of your hunters can effectively do the same job with deterrence and feign the impale.
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    Yeah i know,but tbh i can't rely on the specific hunter to do so,since he isn't that skilled (placing it nicely:P). Thing is that we're using our UH DK as a tank,who has fucked up tanking gear and our gm is playing with his rogue,and soaking.Therefore by having a SP,the gm will go on his alt DK,who has the 4/4 T13 bonus and he's more geared and experienced than our current dk ''tank''.

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    Try posting this in the recruitment forums?
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    Thanks for the suggestion,but next time you bother posting on a topic...read it.

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    Why would you run so many days a week, but only 2hours and 15 min? I would think it a better use of time to do more like 3 x 4 hour stints or at least 4 x 3 hour stints...

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    Yeah my bad,mixed up the time.It's fixed now.

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