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    Will Mists of Pandaria bring back the Wrath-style spam-healing?

    So I just checked the change to some of our main healing spells and I noticed a pretty scary pattern.

    Power Word: Shield: Now costs 6% of base mana, down from 34%.
    Holy Word: Sanctuary: Now costs 7% base mana, down from 44%.
    Flash Heal: Now costs 6% base mana, down from 28%.
    Renew: Now costs 2% of base mana, down from 17%.
    Prayer of Mending: Now costs 3% of base mana, down from 18%.
    Greater Heal: Now costs 6% of base mana, down from 27%.
    Binding Heal: Now costs 6% of base mana, down from 28%.
    Circle of Healing: Now costs 3.5% of base mana, down from 21%.
    Divine Hymn: Now costs 7% mana, down from 36%. Now has a 3 min cooldown, down from 8 min.
    Heal - Now costs 2% of base mana, down from 9%. Now has 2.5 sec cast down, down from 3 sec.
    Lightwell - Now costs 6% of base mana, down from 30%. Now has 15 charges, up from 10.
    Prayer of Healing: Now costs 5% of base mana, down from 26%.

    That is a pretty huge change to how healing will work. It seems this goes for all classes, general base mana-cost nerfs across the board.

    This worries me a little, because it might mean healing will go back to the Wrath of the Lich King model, which consisted of spamming to your hearts content without having to worry about your mana pool. While Cataclysm healing is pretty spammy as well, you at least have to worry a little bit about your mana bar.

    I know beta is beta and everything is subject to change, but I for one do not like this.

    What do you guys think?

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    if I am not mistaken I think all healers have a "base mana" and intellect no longer increase mana, I think I heard it from someone, no ide if it is true tho.

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    It wont, intellect wont increase mana pool, so the mana cost as % of total mana will be about same as it is now in cataclysm.

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    Probably won't go back to the Wrath healing style, mainly because everyone will be running around with the same amount of mana, making it far easier for Blizzard to balance it. (obviously to an extent where mana won't be too much of an issue)
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    why do priests get reduced mana cost yet resto shamans spells cost more? :S
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    It will probably be closer the blue-gear cataclysm heroic healing.

    why do priests get reduced mana cost yet resto shamans spells cost more? :S
    Shamans, Druids and Paladins have a base manapool of 20k at level 85, priests have a basemana (which is also the max mana pool) pool of 100k.
    Elemental/Resto Shamans, Balance/Resto Druids and Holy Paladin get a talent to increase their Manapool by 400% (which equals 100k)
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    Because resto shammans have this little change: "Elemental Precision: Now also increases your mana pool by 400%." Priests do not have anything like that (at least looking at the main page list of beta class changes). Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't see it, so I assume they are balancing mana cost around that.

    edit: damn you got before me lol. Note to self: do not afk while posting. XD

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    The really important part to keep in mind here is that 6% base mana is equivalent to 6% total mana for a Priest in MoP.

    Flash Heal currently costs 6,000 mana at level 85 in the beta, out of only 100,000 mana you have(which also cannot be changed, at all, without leveling). Ignoring mana regeneration, you're OOM after only 16 Flash Heals.

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