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    Quote Originally Posted by mtawney1313 View Post
    Yes you do. Think of Wow's new talents system.

    You don't even need to play to see what I'm talking about either. Read up on the abilities.
    Even if the abilities are based on percentages, it still doesn't mean they're going to be balanced on each character level, and as such I'm pretty sure the developers have tried to balance them to level 60 rather than the lowest levels. Also, at level 13 your gear is going to be shit, so all your percentages are going to be off (lifesteal, crit, and so on). You won't have a decent companion, and so on.

    Seriously, I've been reading up on the abilities ever since the first ability was made public. That's just pointless theorycrafting with no maxlevel basis. You can base your feeling about the balance of the characters on level 13 experience if you like but it won't mean much at level 60. That's just a simple fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtawney1313 View Post
    Compared to a wizard who can just pop diamond armor and nuke everything to hell, yes, it takes a lot of effort for a demon hunter to handle a close pack.

    This guy is talking about solo-likeability as he called it. Compared to a wizard, demon hunters are just far weaker right now. This isn't news to anyone who plays the beta and has tried both classes.
    This is real entry-level gameplay. Wizards can do that because it's the first fraction of normal difficulty and things don't hit really hard. Once the damage starts ramping up, a wizard's not gonna be able to just jump into a cluster and nuke with impunity. Diamond Armor is designed to be an "oh crap" button for when the Wizard finds himself being beat on (when the game progresses and difficulty scales up, of course) rather than just something the makes you totally immune to damage from a group of nine enemies in the two seconds it takes for you to Sleet Storm them all to hell.
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    Its generally "easier" to find builds and even exploits as a ranged class than a melee in these kinds of games at higher difficulty, but lets not forget the legendary Hammerdin in Diablo 2, sorta of a melee class with a few spells was amazing and top of the food chain for a while

    You should play the class you like the best, i know that sounds like braindead advice, but if you chose something that is "OP" you will regret it down the line, besides Blizzard will buff/nerf as they see fit

    I am 100% Barbarian day 1, i just like them, their lore, the look and slashing things left and right

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